Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review: Old-school fun

In this review we will talk about the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, focusing more on the technical improvements made with the exit from the beta

It’s been a while since the launch of Halo Infinite, the new FPS of 343 Industries, and fans of the series had plenty of time to enjoy it. Some people have preferred to start the game from countryside (Who our review), while others have decided to immediately jump into multiplayer.

However, despite this modality it is available for free, many players are still undecided whether to give it a chance or not. In these cases it is always good try out the title to get an idea but if you still want to hear a preliminary opinion, then our review of Halo Infinite multiplayer will come to your rescue.

Stasi post beta

Some time ago we wrote an accurate preview of beta-based multiplayer released sometime before the official launch of Halo Infinite. In that article we talked in depth about the many elements that distinguish this much-loved Halo mode and, although the beta period is now over, from that point of view no changes have been made noteworthy. Consequently, to avoid repeating ourselves and writing two nearly identical articles, in this review we will limit ourselves only to give you a final judgment on the multiplayer and on the technical improvements made. For a more complete analysis from multiplayer we therefore invite you to read our preview as well which you can find at the following link.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review: Old-school fun

A more stable multiplayer for Halo Infinite

For this review we tried Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC, and on this platform the game performs really well in regards to technical sector. During the beta, however, we had clashed with various issues that were going to damage the gaming experience a little. For example, it often happened to get stuck inside code infinite or that the game crashasse suddenly.

Thankfully with the end of the beta it appears that many of these flaws have been removed, as our second test was much less problematic. The matchmaking times in fact seem to have significantly reduced and also crash and freeze rates dropped dramatically. It also appears that too the game’s framerate has become much more stable, given that even in the most hectic situations we suffered much less FPS drops than in the beta.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Review: Old-school fun


If you’ve read our full preview, then you already know what we think of Halo Infinite multiplayer. The game offers longtime fans a fun and classic multiplayer experience, but at the same time modernized thanks to some very clever additions. The many equipment present in the game also offer variety to clashes and allow players to try many different approaches according to the mode. They have also been solved most of the technical problems of the beta, thus leaving only the microtransazioni as a big negative point of the game.

Now that the title is finally out of beta though you start to miss some very important elements for the series that will not be added before several months, such as forge it. It is now normal for this type of online FPS to start calmly and get enriched with new content over time, but we believe that at present Halo Infinite suffers greatly due to the absence of these fundamental features. Despite that the new title of 343 Industries still boasts one of the funniest multiplayer modes of recent years and, if you have the patience to wait for the updates, over time you will surely find yourself in your hands an exceptional FPS full of content.

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Points in favor

  • Responsive and fun gameplay
  • Many different modes
  • More complex firefights
  • Technically excellent

Points against

  • Microtransactions too present
  • There is a lack of several important contents