Halo Infinite: Season 1 will be extended until May 2022

343 Industries has confirmed the extension of the duration of Season 1 of Halo Infinite, which will no longer end in early 2022 but in May

A few hours ago, Microsoft made the multiplater free-to-play di Halo Infinite, as we have promptly reported. The mode landed in advance of the title’s release via a beta, which was released for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S. Players thus have access to all maps and content, as well as the Season 1 Battle Pass in its entirety, whose prizes can be unlocked through the usual progress, which can be exported to the final version of the game, whose launch is scheduled for next December 8th. The widespread news, however, also concern the Season in question, which should have ended in early 2022, but whose duration was extended until next May.

Halo Infinite: The duration of Season 1 has been extended until May

To confirm the change of plans, thehead of creative of the production, Joseph Staten, who stated how this is going to modify the initial plans of 343 Industries, according to which one new season it should have debuted every 3 months.

“We have decided to extend the length of Season 1 in order to have more time to bring Season 2 in line with our high quality expectations, so that we can finish the work in order to ensure the health and tranquility of the team members. In doing so, however, it has not simply extended the time, but we have also introduced new elements for this first round of rewards, so as to make it an even richer experience, from start to finish. “

Halo Infinite: Season 1 will be extended until May 2022

One example is the free 20-year cosmetic items, which can be unlocked in the first week by simply logging into Halo Infinite. This is a first round of rewards, anticipating the launch of the first event of this Season 1, Fracture: Tenrai, which will kick off on next November 23rd, which will allow you to get your hands on samurai-themed armor pieces, as well as many other cosmetic items.

Heroes of Reach, this is the name of this first Season 1, will include both free and premium rewards, for a total of over 100 obtainable items, which will include armor, weapons, visors, skins, emblems and much more. Microsoft has also confirmed how the various Battle Passes will never expire, so that anyone can buy even the old ones at any time, so as to choose which one to align with their progress.

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