Halo Infinite: the PC version will take advantage of Discord

Not just mouse and keyboard: the PC version of Halo Infinite will also make use of the Discord platform according to a cryptic statement

The long wait for Halo Infinite it will end this fall, but to make it even harder to bear it has provided the latest official statement from the community manager John Junyszek: its PC we will see an implementation of Discord. The details stop there, because 343 Industries’ official blog post prefers to remain vague. We only know that players will be able to join friends with the messaging system by playing from a computer, in addition to Steam and Xbox Live. This, quoting the textual words, should help us in the matchmaking process, thanks also to an invitation system both in-game and outside the game itself.

Halo Infinite on PC, the Discord conundrum

John Junyszek added in the tweet below that Halo Infinite’s social features on PC (like Discord) deserve “a lot more attention” than they are getting now. According to him, there are still too few who talk about it, but the manager remains certain that things will change. The team working on the computer port is in fact already working on these functions that Junyszek “can’t wait” to see in action. The extended version of the post, while still remaining cryptic, also goes into a little more detail, but for now the clearer information in our possession stop here.

Microsoft and Discord, in addition, have already been talking about them when the former tried to buy the latter, considering an acquisition from ten billion dollars. Nothing has been done with it, however, as the messaging system currently intends to continue operating independently. The appointment with the last great foray of Master Chief is for this fall, both on computer and on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The Game Pass will include it, while the multiplayer element alone will follow the free-to business model. -play.

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