Halo Infinite: la data d'uscita è fissata per il prossimo dicembre thumbnail

Halo Infinite: the single player campaign finally shows itself in a trailer

Halo Infinite: The single player campaign finally shows itself in a thumbnail trailer

Halo Infinite has finally returned to show itself, this time with a trailer dedicated to the long-awaited countryside of the game. The story of Halo Infinite seems to have definitely improved graphically compared to what we saw a year ago, a sign that the development studio has worked hard on this aspect of the game. In fact, we remind you that when 343 Industries showed for the first time the Halo Infinite campaign, this attracted several criticisms due to a visibly dated technical sector, which led to the long series of delays to which the game was subject.

Halo Infinite: here’s the trailer for the campaign

The video, released a few hours ago, shows us several moments from the Halo Infinite campaign, with an artfully created montage to show the variety of activity maps that can be carried out within the title. According to what was declared by the guys of 343 Industries, this is the largest campaign ever made in the context of the saga, also thanks to the open world structure of the game world.

According to what is possible to understand from the trailer, we see a Master Chief engaged in the search for Cortana and in discovering what lies within Zeta Halo, the large map where the events of Halo Infinite unfold. Also in the space of this video it is already possible to get a rather general idea of ​​the variety of gameplay, weapons, vehicles and tools that we can use to make our way through the enemy hordes.

We take this opportunity to remind you that the new Halo Infinite release date is currently set forDecember 8, 2021 and it is very likely that it will no longer be delayed. Also keep in mind that some game modes, such as cooperative multiplayer and the Forge mode will come later. That said, the multiplayer sector already seems to be in an advanced state of work, as demonstrated by the beta.

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