Creative Outlier Air review: sports headphones not to be missed

In this article we will see the review of the Creative Outlier Air sports headphones. A nice pair of earphones with a unique style, a very attractive design and excellent audio quality. Will they be the perfect headphones? Let’s find out together!

Creative has always worked excellently in the audio world. With these Outlier Air proposes its solution in the sports headphones market, a solution that immediately stands out for the design and quality of the materials used. After several weeks of testing we are ready to give you our opinion.

What you look for in the data sheets when buying a pair of sports headphones is very simple: reliability, simplicity of connection, comfort and refined aesthetics. The Creative Outlier Air are a truly beautiful pair of headphones, characterized by a unique design, but they are not without flaws. A bit like those beautiful girls, with a provocative body, a marked intelligence and heart-stealing movements. The classic girl who would fill your friends with envy, your parents with pride but then… when you are alone, she reveals her “particular” character that will give you a hard time. Let’s put the anecdotes aside, and throw in this review of these sports headphones!

Creative Outlier Air review: sports headphones not to be missed

Top materials and design! | Creative Outlier Air sports headphones review

These Creative Outlier Air are built with really fine materials and have a respectable design with great attention to detail. The charging case that holds the headphones is made of metal and provides a great feeling of sturdiness. This feeling is also obtained by taking the earphones in hand, which are good to the touch and do not show any criticalities due to the assembly.

Creative Outlier Air review: sports headphones not to be missed

The outermost part is made of a glossy plastic with a physical button (no touch Unfortunately). On the inside we find the same plastic that joins the rubbers (interchangeable) that come into contact with the inner part of the ear. Once turned on, the Creative Outlier Air show their best face. A led light ring acts as a battery status indicator headphones, blue under normal conditions and red when the device is discharged. Once worn the Outlier Air will almost disappear from sight, the only visible part will be the luminous ring which, it is right to specify, it cannot be turned off.

Top sound quality | Creative Outlier Air sports headphones review

The connection is almost immediate, once you have made the first pairing with your smartphone (or any device equipped with bluetooth) you just have to remove them from their case and they will perform the “paring” in record time. An audio message will notify us of the connection of one or both headsets. In fact, you can choose to use even one headset at a time, depending on what your needs are.

The gesture system will allow you to change the song (forward and backward in your Playlist), raise or lower the volume of the headphones, play or pause and you will also have the possibility to start the voice assistant. The only drawback, the gestures pass by pressing the physical button. We did not like this choice because, every time you will find yourself having to exert too much annoying pressure on the ear.

Creative Outlier Air review: sports headphones not to be missed

The headphones offer a good playback system, with very faithful tones across the range thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, able to work at twice the speed of Bluetooth 4.2, ai audio codec aptX e AAC supported. Even when playing videos, the latency is minimal and almost imperceptible thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 connection that reaches up to 10 meters. Excellent autonomy and then call management that benefits from Dual-Voice technology. The graphene diffuser diaphragm, in addition to providing excellent sound quality, increases the autonomy of these headphones thanks to lower consumption.

We have approx 10h of autonomy on a single charge and another 20 hours of autonomy thanks to the base which fully charges the headphones 2 times. In summary 30 total hours available with a fantastic audio experience. Unlike most competitors, it will be possible to know the battery levels not only of the headphones but also of the dock so that you know when to charge the dock to avoid being left on the ground.

If all this were not enough, you would be stupid to know that these Creative Outlier Air also boast IPX 5 certification which guarantees you protection from small splashes of water, sweat or light rain. Except for the management of gestures, we have nothing negative to report about these headphones. They are firmly attached to the ears, and during training it will be like not having them.

Creative Outlier Air review: sports headphones not to be missed

Who should buy these sports headphones?

If you are looking for a pair of excellent headphones across the board, and if the management of gestures via a physical button is not a problem for you, the Creative Outlier Air are the best choice for you. The audio quality is top notch, the experience of use above average, and the aesthetic side is among the best that you can find in a pair of sports headphones.

In short, these Creative Outlier Air are very beautiful, they feel good but could be less comfortable, in the gestures, of the competition. The choice is yours, we recommend the purchase even if with some reservations.

Points in favor

  • Headphone and dock battery level warning
  • Sound quality
  • Aesthetic side

Points against

  • Gesture management
  • It is not possible to turn off the LEDs
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