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Halo Infinite welcomes Cyber ​​Showdown III: here’s all the news

Xbox has revealed details of the new operation Halo Infinitecall Cyber Showdown III. This is a special event that adds a nuovo Pass Operation with 20 free levels, a new map and other new features.

Halo Infinite – Cyber Showdown III

Operation Cyber ​​Showdown III offers a dark and cyberpunk style for the armor CHIMERA, called “viral machine”. Furthermore, the new Pass Operation allows you to unlock various customization elements for free, such as coverings, badges and labels, which combine natural and digital elements. These can be applied to all armor cores present in Halo Infinite multiplayer. The Operation Pass also offers paid options, such as an extra challenge slot, an “Emberbreak” coating, and more.

The operation also introduces a new multiplayer map, Elevation, made with Halo Infinite’s Forge mode. The map is set on a space elevator, where players will have to face close combat inside, but also exit into space, where the low gravity could cause them to plummet to the planet below.

Finally, the operation updates the Husky Raid mode, a variant of Capture the Flag with random Fiesta-style weapons. LThe mode includes six new maps created with Forge by users of the Halo community. Among these we highlight:

  • Formation
  • Merchant’s Square
  • Outlook
  • Pharaoh
  • Urban Raid
  • Was’uto

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