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The review of the Logitech MX Brio: the 4K webcam with artificial intelligence

Logitech’s MX series has brought to the market a series of new high-end devices and peripherals capable of providing precision, performance and exceptional control. Now the MX family is expanding with a new member, the Logitech MX Brio. It’s about a high-end webcam designed to meet the needs of users and businesses with the its MX Brio 705 For Business version. In this review we will analyze the characteristics of the Logitech MX Brio and above all whether it is worth the 229 euros it requires.

Our review of the Logitech MX Brio webcam

The MX Brio is Logitech’s most advanced webcam and is designed to deliver premium performance and streaming experiences. We are faced with one premium 4K webcam con functions based on Artificial Intelligencehigh-level image quality and accurate software controls that allow image customization to suit every need.

But let’s start in order.


HMX Brio design

From a construction and design point of view, the MX Brio brings with it the experience and style of Logitech and the MX family that we have come to know. The camera lens is enclosed in a circular ring that can be rotated to activate thelens shutter for greater security and privacy. The chamber is combined with a semi-cylindrical structure which in addition to giving it a minimalist and pleasant designpreserved on both front sides due microfoni beamforming which allow voice recording, a feature that we will analyze later in the review of the Logitech MX Brio.

The central body of the chamber, made of solid metal and plastic, is connected to a practice mounting clips, whose dimensions (20x38x45 mm) allow it to attach to any support or monitor to offer a clear view of the face. The webcam is connected to the computer via a 1.5 meter USB C cable; from this moment, it is possible to exploit the potential of the webcam.


As anticipated, the webcam offers a 4K Ultra HD resolution and an advanced 8.5 Megapixel sensor that captures more light for better video performance in low light conditions. Inside we find in fact artificial intelligence that he is capable of automatically adjust brightness and contrast for an optimized image, while automatic face-based light correction ensures truly realistic video rendering. The MX Brio also features two beamforming microphones that reduce background noise to ensure you are heard clearly.

The Show mode allows you to easily share sketches or other physical objects on your desktop by tilting the webcam towards the work surface. This feature is ideal for professionals who want to illustrate ideas or projects to their colleagues or clients.

Last but not least, the MX Brio gives users the ability to perfect their look by manually adjusting exposure, hue, vibration, field of view and more still using the Logi Options+, Logi Tune and G HUB software.

MX Brio 705 For Business

MX Brio 705

Together with the model we are analyzing, Logitech also presented the MX Brio 705 for Business which, as its name suggests, is specifically designed for companies and users who work remotely or in the office. This version is compatible with most video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet e Zoom. We also find an exclusive Right Sight framing able to detect and center the interlocutor even when he moves.

Our test of the Logitech MX Brio

MX Brio

For this review, we tested the new Logitech MX Brio for about two weeks during which it replaced our daily use cam.

Let’s start by saying that the device shows excellent quality both in terms of construction and design. The minimalist style of Graphite color (also exists in Pale Gray color) gives it an elegant touch that allows it to adapt to any setting. The mounting clip is simple to use and intuitive and it stuck to our secondary monitor with great ease. We also appreciated the presence of an adhesive at the base of the clip for even greater stability.

The rendering of photos and videos is truly excellent and meets the high standards of Logitech’s MX family, with clarity and fluidity rarely seen in other webcams. The color rendering is always precise, even in low light conditions, thanks to the software and artificial intelligence. In fact, through Logi Option+ it is possible to manually adjust various parameters, such as exposure, hue and field of view. This allowed us to optimize the image based on the different needs and light conditions we found ourselves in.

The audio is crystal clear and the two beamforming microphones do a great job of reducing background noise. Obviously the performance of the recordings is far from what a dedicated microphone can offer, but by webcam standards, we are ad truly superior quality.

The review in brief of the Logitech MX Brio

Logitech MX Brio prezzo 1

The Logitech MX Brio webcam is a high-end device that offers exceptional performance and a wide range of features for professional collaboration. It is a valuable addition to the MX family that reflects the performance and attention to construction and detail of the Logitech series.

The price of 229, revealed at the beginning of the review, is justified by the quality of recording and image rendering. Although there are certainly lower cost webcams on the market, few of them can match the features of the Logitech MX Brio. This device is an ideal choice for both regular users, professionals or streamers. A perfect device for everyone.

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