Halo Infinite will arrive on Xbox and PC on December 8th

Halo Infinite arriverà su Xbox e PC l'8 Dicembre thumbnail

Good news for Halo Infinite fans. The title, in fact, will arrive su Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S e PC next December 8th, with the singleplayer campaign which will be unlocked in Italy starting at 19:00. As we know, Microsoft and 343 Industries have chosen to publish the game content step-by-step. On November 15th, in fact, the multiplayer mode was released. So let’s find out what the other news will be that we should expect in the coming weeks.

Halo Infinite: The singleplayer campaign will be available from December 8th

As anticipated, Halo Infinite content becomes available to players week after week. Now, from next December 8th the singleplayer campaign will be available, and the campaign co-op and the Forge mode. Apparently, in fact, these should be released respectively with Season 2 and Season 3 of the game, that is, between May 2022 and the summer of next year. Great expectation, therefore, for the game that is officially entered the gold phase, as recently announced by Microsoft and 343 Industries.

As you can imagine, the announcement only raises the expectations of the players. Fortunately, Microsoft’s digital store allows you to pre-order Halo Infinite at price of 69.99 €. In fact, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be much more fortunate, as they will be able to download the video game for free as soon as possible. In short, there are many opportunities to grab the last chapter of the Master Chief saga. Needless to tell you not to miss this opportunity, because we are sure you will not.

After all, the game’s multiplayer beta has been so successful that it has convinced virtually anyone to buy it for Xbox and PC. More specifically, in fact, the title will be released per Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S, which will allow you to experience the game on the new next-gen console from Microsoft.