new super powerful chip “M1 Max Duo”

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According to a new report, theiMac Pro next generation could present a chip “M1 Max Duo” with 20 cores for processing and up to 64 for graphics. As the name suggests, in fact, the chipset should consist of two M1 Max chips combined together to double the performance. And the device may also contain up to 128GB of RAM, that is double what is available on the market so far.

iMac Pro: Apple’s new computer may have dual M1 chips

Already last year Apple surprised us with the launch of the new M1 chip, which made its appearance on the market by completely replacing the “old” Intel chips on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. Now, months later, the company’s work on the chips is only getting better. The new ones M1 Pro e M1 Max featured in the 2021 MacBook Pro are significantly more powerful, and it would appear that the company is working on something even more powerful for the next generation iMac Pro.

APPL Tree and Max Tech on YouTube report that Apple may be planning a new M1 Max Duo chip, capable of guarantee unparalleled power thanks to the combination of two M1 chips. This would allow you to have up to 20 core CPU, as far as 64 core GPU and up to 128 GB of RAM. In short, a truly noteworthy endowment. For the moment, however, it is only a matter of assumptions. Although there are some clues that Apple is working towards that.

Hector Martin, a developer currently working to bring Linux models to the M1 Mac, reported that macOS includes “many” references to “multi-die” chips, and that the new M1 Pro and M1 Max are “clearly designed with a second half ( currently unused) for a second die “. In short, everything would lead us to think that the new iMac Pro could have a super powerful chip. The sources speak for themselves, or almost. Now we just have to wait for Apple to confirm the news.