Hannspree HP248WJB Review: Elegance for the Office

In this review we will discover the brand new Hannspree HP248WJB, full HD monitor from 23.8 inches ideal for both office work and many other activities

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing a very special historical period that is requiring millions of people around the world to work or study remotely. Webcams, microphones and various communication devices have begun to take hold, but there is no doubt that you can count on one monitor reliable, powerful, feature-rich and above all economical is practically essential. The time has come to tell you about the new model of the Hannspree. We are talking aboutHP248WJB especially dedicated for professional office use. Here is our review.

Unboxing and editing | Hannspree HP248WJB Review

The sales packaging it is the classic one of these devices, that is a cardboard decorated with black and blue writings in which all the main technical characteristics of the monitor are present. Inside, each component is well padded with a very thick layer of protective polystyrene that allows you to firmly fix the elements and not damage them during transport. The assembly of the monitor is very simple because inside the box there are only three pieces: the base, the arm with the hook and the panel.

Hannspree HP248WJB Review: Elegance for the Office

The base connects to the arm through a convenient butterfly screw, while the panel is fixed through a convenient movable hook mechanism that does not require screws. Once the supporting structure has been mounted, in fact, just fit the panel to the arm and that’s it. Finally, as regards the cables, we find the power cord (very discreet and not bulky at all), a HDMI cable it’s a cavo da USB-B a USB-A.

Technical features | Hannspree HP248WJB Review

Before delving into the user experience, the potential inherent in the monitor itself, the obligatory roundup of technical specifications must be made that certainly only increase the validity and consideration of this monitor.

Panel specifications

  • Panel size: 23.8 inches (60.54cm)
  • Color: nero
  • Maximum Resolution and Refresh Rate: 1920 x 1080 Full HD @60Hz
  • Response time: 5ms (G to G)
  • Contrast fraction: 10.000.000:1 (Active)
  • Brightness: 400 nights (cd / m ^ 2)
  • Viewing angle: 178° (H), 178° (V)
  • Colors: 16.7 million

System Specifications

  • VESA connection: Yup
  • Speaker: 2W x 2
  • Adjustment: 45 ° left and right, 90 ° inclination

Now let’s finally talk about input ports. A self-respecting office monitor must make it possible to connect every possible device quickly and easily. From this point of view, this monitor has a very interesting number of ports:

  • HDMI 2.0
  • Display Port 1.2
  • USB-B
  • VGA
  • Line In e Out
  • Built-in webcam
  • 2 USB-A port

Design and materials | Hannspree HP248WJB Review

The base and arm are very solid, heavy and of excellent quality. The glossy black plastic coating gives it a touch of elegance and the monitor practically being borderless, it is a pleasure for the eyes even when turned off. Also excellent is the idea of ​​being able to adjust the height of the monitor using a spring system that adjusts according to the weight of the monitor itself. The idea of ​​including one is also nice the base is as solid and aesthetically pleasing as it is compact and not bulky at all especially in shallow desks.

Hannspree HP248WJB Review: Elegance for the Office

As for the negatives, we didn’t appreciate the multifunction buttons on the back which are not only a little too cheap, but also not very intuitive to use. Also in the paragraph above we mentioned the presence of an integrated high resolution webcam. His retractable system it is very intelligent, also because it is slightly raised to allow the operation of the brightness and presence sensors of the user. Too bad that the same system is not always working and in addition to being quite “plasticky”, it sometimes happened that the webcam did not activate, having to raise and lower it several times to take command.

User experience and main functions | Hannspree HP248WJB Review

Let’s finally move on to the main part of this review, which is the one concerning the user experience and the main features. Let’s start by saying that it is one of the brightest panels I’ve ever tried and this unfortunately leads him to have colors not exactly balanced and balanced. This monitor is certainly intended for consumer use, so it is suitable for both office work and work from home, but it also has different modes such as gaming and movies. Unfortunately, however, colors tend to always be calibrated upwards with poorly defined blacks (it is also a TFT – LED panel) and slightly dull primaries.

Nothing serious, but it is annoying to have to fiddle a bit with the settings to get a perfect result. Like any self-respecting monitor, especially if oriented to office work, it mounts every system on board for the protection of our sight. For this there are functions of LightSense e ColorSense and the ability to adjust the diffusion of blue light. In this way the brightness and color temperature will be automatically adjusted in relation to the ambient one.

Hannspree HP248WJB Review: Elegance for the Office

I also thought of using the monitor to watch movies, TV series and play while keeping the PC connected by connecting my PlayStation 5 using the FullHD resolution. The experience was satisfactory, but unfortunately it is quite evident that its strengths are not even considering the 60 Hz limit limits higher performance.

Excellent adjustable arm this monitor is equipped with. It can be positioned in any position, inclination and height. A real convenience for office work and beyond. The fact of being able to rotate it allows, if you have customers in the studio, to make them participate in a very simple way by rotating the panel without having to approach the customer. Furthermore, the fact that it can also be rotated in perfectly vertical position makes it a really interesting monitor for more professional setups. Another strong point is the connectivity even if the lack of an Ethernet port does not allow to manage multi-PC configurations and enable docking station type functions.

Inside this Hannspree HP248WJB were also mounted two speakers from 2W each and a webcam located on top of the monitor. Let’s start with the speakers, certainly very modest and with a decidedly meager sound and not at all brilliant. But I really appreciated the fact that they were there considering the price of the monitor and its basic use. The webcam, on the other hand, is excellent thanks to its resolution in HD and its 5 megapixels. The wide angle view allows you to have a complete view despite being positioned at the top of the monitor and therefore makes this Hannspree perfect for work or remote teaching.

A monitor with few compromises to accept

We have reached the end of the review, it’s time to take stock. Overall this is a truly incredible monitor considering also that its price is around 200 euro. The simple assembly phase, the attention to detail and the design are truly splendid. The chromatic fidelity could have been treated a little more, however the functions for the well-being of sight, together with all those precautions at the design level make it a really successful product. Also interesting is the presence of a modest stereo audio system which is still useful for all those who need to listen to something without special audiophile requests.

What do you think of this Hannspree HP248WJB? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Almost office perfection

Points in favor

  • Elegant design and excellent materials
  • Ease of assembly
  • Good webcam with popup function
  • Display borderless…

Points against

  • … pity that the colors, without touching the settings, are not very balanced
  • Some elements are a little too “plasticky”
  • A LAN port is missing
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