Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the new version of the Tablet PC

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Hannspree announces the new Pad Zeus 2, making substantial hardware changes. Let’s see the news together

HANNspree, a company specializing in consumer electronics and display systems, has launched the Tablet PC Zeus large screen of second generation. Zeus 2 HANNSpree Pad offers an experience of outstanding display within mobile computing and offers more power, more storage space and an optional rugged carrying case for industrial and business applications.

Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the new version of the Tablet PC

Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the characteristics

The freedom from connection is fundamental for the style of modern life increasingly dynamic and the Tablet PC is the perfect solution. Being confined to a desk is much rarer today: from entertainment to gaming, business to education, request from Tablet PC and ai highest levels. With a role like this significant in daily life, a display more big allows users to be more productive, more involved and of log into yet largest number from information, and that’s why HANNspree’s Zeus 2 features a unique display gives 13.3 inwhich allows users to have one space more ample display. Zeus 2 expands the visualization from e-mail, pages Web, applications, documents and games, so that users can view a higher number from users during video calls, experience one better vision it’s more sharp from study file o di social media pages and better visualize business applications for one easier navigation e faster data entry. The large display also makes it much more easy for users to interact with more multimedia applications at the same time.

In addition to one one size e more performing, the Zeus 2 display offers the best touch screen technology ensuring perfect tactile control. The advanced 10-point capacitive display which supports multi-touch control and scrolling ensures that users can touch, drag e slide with precision without any delay or frustrating error. In addition, the Zeus 2 screen is equipped with a 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1080P resolution and use the technology display IPS that offers images extraordinary and of high qualityalso for challenging content and yes ultra wide viewing angles.

Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the new version of the Tablet PC

Satisfying the high user demandsZeus 2 offers high performance. It features a Octa Core processor with powerful integrated graphics, 4GB from RAM and supports the most Android 10 operating system. Zeus 2 also includes a dual camera gives 5MP to allow a practical multimedia use in motion, with 64GB internal memory and the ability to add additional 128GB of space of archiving via Micro SD, in view of thehigh volume from multimedia content, as well as apps and documents that come stored every day on Tablet PCs.

Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the new version of the Tablet PC


Zeus 2 makes the connection a Easy, fast internet e reliable thanks to a Wi-Fi Dual-Band 802.11 a / b / g / n + ac capable of connect a un router wireless a 2,4GHz The 5GHz. Also includes Bluetooth 5.0LE to enable the wireless connectivity with compatible devices so that users can connect in couple with cuffie wireless The share content quickly and easily between devices without dover use cables or rely on Internet connections. Zeus 2 also offers a porta USB Type-C which allows you to connect support hardware for the USB charging in addition to allowing direct interaction gives device a device. For example, users can expand the visualization of a presentation connecting your mobile device to a portable monitor HANNspree.

In case you want to have one vision still improve of the screen content, such as in games, Zeus can connect to a TVa compatible monitor or projector through the mini-HDMI port.

Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the new version of the Tablet PC

Hannspree Pad Zeus 2: the accessories

HANNspree Zeus tablets come standard with one custody a book specially designed with a coating internal super soft per to protect the tablet from dust and scratches; his practical design allows users a easy access to all buttons, controls, cameras and ports. With the launch of Zeus 2, users now also have the possibility to choose a more resistant case. Designed to protect against you use more extremes of mobile computing, the new Rugged case is ideal for industrial environments e professional and makes Zeus 2 a great choice for business applications. The new Zeus 2 HANNspree Pad, with a display gives 13.3 in large, it is designed per improve l’mobile computing experience. For more details visit the website.

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