Recensione My Hero Academia – Midoriya “One For All” Figure

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ABYstyle returns to the pages of with this Midoriya figure directly from My Hero Academia and we are ready to analyze it in this review

And it is directly from ABYstyle Studio that comes the protagonist of this review. Belonging to the collection “SFC”(Super Figure Collection) these figurines are really interesting especially considering the price at which they are offered. Most of the reproductions boast a list price of only € 29.99 which, for 1:10 scale figures, is not bad at all.

Let’s now turn to the actual review of this figure belonging to My Hero Academia which depicts Izuku Midoriya while throwing a “One For All“!

The package – My Hero Academia Review – Midoriya “One For All” Figure

The packaging of this figure is really well done. On the front we have a large window from which to observe the figures, with an orange background on the back and the effects on the plastic. The colors used are combined with the logo of the manga / anime and the costume of our Midoriya. If on the one hand we can see the image of the figure, on the other there is the drawing from which it takes inspiration. The back also features a large image and the authenticity sticker.

The lower and upper part recall the two predominant colors: green and yellow. A peculiarity of this box is the presence of drawings and logos visible against the light, as well as slightly in relief. These are details that should not be underestimated in case you want to expose the packaging as well. The box, in addition to the figures, contains the black base that emulates the Academy logo.

Let’s analyze the figure – My Hero Academia Review – Midoriya “One For All” Figure

Once arrived, we will have to insert the black support inside the left leg so that the figurine is held in place. This will be the only thing to do as the lightning bolts are already installed. The figure is in scala 1:10 and, given Midoriya’s action position, reaches a maximum height of 17.5cm.

Clearly, both the base and the figurine are made of PVC. Speaking of the basethis non turns out very stable and, once the figure is touched, the whole thing will oscillate. Obviously the material allows to maintain a very low weight and, therefore, it will not be a real problem.

The protagonist’s body is made of rigid plastic, but we have details where the material is softer. Clearly among these are the various lightning bolts, but also the mask and the hood (which are obviously not wearable).

A Closer Look – My Hero Academia Review – Midoriya “One For All” Figure

From a fairly low-cost figure like this one shouldn’t expect that much. However, ABYstyle Studio paid attention to the details. The painting is almost totally uniform except on hairwhere we have two green gradients. I lightning of One For All certainly add that little bit extra. These are translucidi and, moreover, they also present some shades of color. In the copy analyzed by us, there are no obvious painting errors.

The sculpture does not have a completely smooth texture, but we have the section of the uniform which has a diamond pattern. Whether this plot is faithful to what is seen in Kōhei Horikoshi’s plates is to be verified, but it certainly adds a more realistic “fabric effect” that we are not at all sorry about. The various folds on the clothes are also clearly present.

The pose fully convinced us. To best appreciate the figure, however, you will have to expose it at eye level or higher as if viewed from top to bottom it will absolutely not show her potential. The only thing we regretted was not seeing the buttons on the knee pads, gloves and boots painted in gold.

Let’s sum it up

And with this Midoriya figure ready to hit the opponent with a One For All, ABYstyle Studio has really hit the target, offering a collector’s item at an affordable price for all fans of the protagonist of the work. If you are interested in purchasing this product, please click here to make it yours € 31,99.

We thank ABYstyle for your cooperation and invite you to drop by their official store to take a look at their products!

Points in favor

  • Really successful action pose
  • Beautifully crafted lightning bolts that add an edge
  • Painting all in all precise
  • Price

Points against

  • Base not very stable
  • Absence of painting on some details
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