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Happy birthday, iPod!

Prepare festoons and candles, because next October 23iPod Apple turns 20. It was the year 2001, in fact, when the device of the Cupertino company appeared for the first time on the shelves of electronics stores, thus starting a real revolution in musical enjoyment. A small player, which however promised the user to have “a thousand songs in his pocket”, as Apple’s slogan said. A revolution for the times, which probably led today to allow us to always have music at hand thanks to smartphones and mobile devices.

Apple’s iPod turns 20

The story of Apple’s iPod is nothing short of hilarious. After all, if you think about it, the device has revolutionized the sector of musical enjoyment, thus allowing us to have our favorite songs at hand. And now, twenty years later, it seems like a foregone possibility. Yet at the time the Cupertino company had a brilliant intuition to say the least. In the same year, just 8 months before the iPod launch, the company had launched iTunes, a software designed to buy, organize and listen to songs. At that point, it became necessary to have a tool that would allow you to make the most of this service.

And that’s how Apple’s iPod was born, officially launched on the market in 2001. Together, iTunes and iPod have accelerated the transition considerably from analog to digital music. And the changes that have occurred rapidly in these twenty years demonstrate this well: Mp3 players have disappeared, and have thus given way to smartphones, which have now become a fundamental tool for listening to music. A change that has materialized in the wide use of services such as Amazon Music, Apple Music e Spotify. Despite this, after two decades, the iPod is still a used tool. And even if music is something else, it is impossible for us to part with it.

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