Harley-Davidson Bronx Coming January 26th?

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The Harley-Davidson Bronx could be the new bike presented by the Milwaukee company on January 26, thus opening a new segment of naked or streetfighters in the American brand’s catalog. In this case the “maybe” is a must for several reasons. The first is that normally the Milwaukee brand usually presents its novelties in the summer or at other times of the year. But this does not mean that engineers and mechanics, in the other months, are idle. The second is that due to the crisis that hit the brand, the CEO the new CEO Jochen Zeitz he had hinted that some model announced at the time had to be sacrificed and therefore not produced. The suspicions had fallen precisely on the Bronx.

But maybe a Milwaukee they have thought about it, seen a post published on Harley-Davidson’s social media and subsequently deleted which announced that the January 26, 2022, we would have received news of a new model. The strange thing is that, despite the post being removed, the brand is doing advertising campaigns with the aforementioned message and has also created a mini site. HD.com/22: here you can subscribe to get news about it.

2021 was a year of important changes for the brand, above all for the arrival on the market of the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 and Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special with which the brand enters a new and tough segment like that of the maxi-trails. Subsequently, the company tried to revive an iconic motorcycle family with the launch of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S and all this also counting on the transition to electric mobility with the listing of the “chat” Harley-Davidson LiveWire, one of the hottest electric bikes in this new market.

January 26, Harley-Davidson Bronx Day?

Some believe the announced event will be a new step towards this market expansion strategy. Not many other details are given in the communication aside from a sketch of the tank and a slogan that reads it “Farther, faster” . This suggests that we are at the beginning of a new phase, since we do not find in the current catalog nothing that shines precisely for its speed.

A model that could well adapt to this claim is precisely the Harley-Davidson Bronx, one of the prototypes that the brand presented in its new strategy which changed the course of its mythical history. At that time, the Pan America and the Bronx were presented in prototype form, but the latter model has not yet been presented as a production version. The Bronx advertised the same base as the maxi-trail, with the motor Revolution Max 1252 cc that develops 152 HP of power. However, in the naked it was rumored that it would lower its displacement to 975 cc given a performance of approx 120 CV .

All that remains is to wait until January 26, 2022 to understand if this will be a historic date in which the new Harley-Davidson Bronx will be seen for the first time, a model that will mark a new milestone in the history of the brand.

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