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HarmonyOS on the first non-Hauwei smartphone: here is Gionee G13 Pro

It makes its debut in China Gionee G13 Pro, a smartphone with a special feature: it is the first with HarmonyOS and HMS services that it is not produced directly by Hauwei. The smartphone is a super entry level (it costs 529 yuan, just 74.67 euros). But it could be the first of a new era for Huawei.

HarmonyOS debuts on the first non-Huawei smartphone

The Gionee G13 Pro smartphone has a clearly iPhone-inspired look, with the brick look e cameras placed diagonally. But the greatest debt owes it to Huawei, not Apple. In fact it has the operating system HarmonyOS, which Huawei develops and offers on its smartphones.

On the smartphone pre-order page, we read (after the English translation of Gizchina) “The new HarmonyOS brings a new experience in all scenarios of the smart live. The desktop can be easily combined freely and has a customizable user experience ”.

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Some online leakers would also have speculated that the smartphone could use i services HMS. This means that it would require a Huawei account to use its services. No Google Maps or Play Store, but instead Petal Maps e AppGallery, with all the news of the rapidly growing Huawei ecosystem.

However, the presence of too many mistakes in the text and other details suggest that this product may not be authentic. But we will soon know the truth: if the company were to deny it, we will update you.

HarmonyOS currently powers over 300 million users, via Huawei smartphones and other products such as tablets and TVs (mainly sold in China). Expanding the outputs to other manufacturers would allow Huawei to propose itself as alternative to Android and iOS. Certainly a difficult challenge (many have tried and failed) but which could prove surprising. We will keep you informed of the development of the situation.

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