Harvestella: Square Enix’s new life simulator will be released in November on Nintendo Switch and PC

Harvestella: il nuovo life simulator di Square Enix uscirà a novembre su Nintendo Switch e PC thumbnail

With a new trailer released today, SQUARE ENIX has announced the release date of Harvestella, the new RPG life simulator out November 4, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PC (on Steam). The game uses the concept art of Isamu Kamikokuryo (FINAL FANTASY XII) and music by Go Shiina (Tales).

Harvestella trailer: from November 4th on PC and Nintendo Switch

The game presents us with a lively world in which the player can move between field crops and friendships. Time is regulated by four giant crystals called Seaslight, which regularly mark the flow of the four seasons. However, some anomalies in the Seaslight lead to the onset of a deadly season called Quiet. During this time, crops wither and people find themselves struggling with an unlivable city.

Harvest cleverly mixes life simulation and RPG, leading players to farm fields, cook, interact with the game’s characters and locations. It will also be possible to choose a job and enter the dungeons to discover the origins of the world and the truths about Quietus.

The game is currently available for digital pre-order on Steam. Soon it will be possible to pre-register also for the Switch version.

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