The EU confirms the stop for petrol and diesel cars from 2035

L'UE conferma lo stop alla vendita di auto benzina e diesel dal 2035 thumbnail

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The stop to the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the EU receives another ok. The EU ministers of the environment have reached an agreement on the Fit for 55 climate measure which also defines the steps that will lead to the end of the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the territories of the European Union. Here are all the details:

There is the ok for the end of sales of petrol and diesel cars in the EU

The new ok arrived in these hours certifies what will be the timing that will lead to the end of petrol and diesel car sales in the EU. The first step is set for 2030 when it will aim to cut emissions by 55%compared to 1990 data. Subsequently, the goal is to arrive atzeroing of emissions. For the auto sector, this target is set for 2035.

In the future, in the EU, after the 2035 stop, there may be exemptions for alternative technologies such as plug-in hybrids and systems with synthetic fuels. It should be noted that an exemption will be valid until 2035 for small manufacturers who will be able to continue producing cars with internal combustion engines, at least until 2035. This exemption was defined as the “save motor valley“.

Veronica Aneris, director of Transport & Environment Italy, he declares: “European governments have made the historic decision to end the sale of polluting cars and vans. Today’s is a huge step forward in the fight against climate change “

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