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Has Amazon banned its employees from using ChatGPT?

There’s been a lot of talk lately ChatGPTrevolutionary artificial intelligence by OpenAIbut we certainly never expected that Amazon prohibited its employees from using it.

Because Amazon ordered its employees not to use ChatGPT

According to Business Insider, for the multinational e-commerce company ChatGPT it would not treat the company’s confidential information with discretion. In fact, many employees had begun to use artificial intelligence to improve productivity by even dictating lines of code.

The risk, however, is that this use considered improper could lead to many problems for Amazon. Indeed ChatGPT could use sensitive data by unintentionally making them public. For example, artificial intelligence could spread information about products still under development, which could happen because, according to OpenAI, there are still many critical issues of ChatGPT to be fixed.

Faced with these eventualities, it is clear how Amazon feels threatened, going so far as to ask employees not to use artificial intelligence anymore, at least for work-related matters.

“Your inputs may be used as training data for further ChatGpt implementations and we would not want your responses to include or resemble our confidential information. I’ve already seen several cases where the results closely match existing material,” an Amazon attorney tasked with issuing the prohibition notice said in a statement.

What consequences

It might make you smile to think that a multinational like the most famous e-commerce platform in the world feels threatened by an AI In reality, however, the situation is more serious than expected: Amazon workers may have unwittingly released information covered by company secret. And just in the last few weeks a direct competitor like Microsoft decided to invest billions of dollars in OpenAI and take advantage of ChatGPT for their applications and platforms.

Amazon probably won’t be the first or the last company to take such measures, paving the way for what could be a new trend: limiting or completely banning ChatGPT to its employees.

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