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Apple Trade In, will your old iPhone be worth less soon?

In the United States, Apple has lowered the trade-in value on many older iPhone models using the Apple Trade In option on the official website. The iPhone 13 Pro Max, released in September 2021, was worth up to $650 on January 13, while it’s $570 as of Wednesday, with a drop of more than 12%. At the moment, it appears that the trade-in values ​​of Italians have not yet seen a decline.

Apple Trade In, your used iPhone could soon be worth less

The most evident drop seems to be the one relating to the exchange of the iPhone 13, the latest ones you can trade with Apple Trade In. The value of an iPhone 13 Pro has dropped by more than 14, from a high of $550 to $470. The standard iPhone 13 is down 11%, from $450 to $400, and the iPhone 13 Mini is down from $380 to $350, a drop of about 8%.

Apple has also lowered the value of the iPhone 12 and in most iPhone 11 models, albeit with lower rates. Instead, the value of iPhone X, SE and previous models has not changed, if not minimal. iPad values ​​have also remained unchanged from what they have seen in the past, while the maximum credit you can get for most MacBooks and Apple Watches has decreased, but only slightly.

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The discounted value of products in Apple Trade In clashes with the fact that, historically, Apple has not lowered the price of products on the site even long after launch. As the reporter pointed out David Imel (later taken up by several newspapers), the The 2019 Mac Pro with maximum specs still costs $50,000 (although the new Mac mini beats it in benchmarks), but the Trade In value is just $970.

Apple already reduced the trade-in value of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and MacBooks in November 2022, about a month after the iPhone 14 series hit stores.

And in Italy?

At the moment, the value of Apple Trade In in Italy remains unchanged, with most prices remaining equal (at the exchange rate) to what was seen on the American site until last week. At the moment it is not clear whether he wants to change the exchange value also in Italy, although it seems probable. We will keep you posted.

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