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Has Gearbest moved to Italy? Beware of the scam

Gearbest is a large Chinese e-commerce store that sells a myriad of products which are shipped all over the world. This allows users to purchase some Chinese products that may not otherwise be available outside of China. Two months ago, however, the company went silent on radar. Their website was inaccessible and there was no way to purchase the products. It now appears that Gearbest has moved to Italy.

Has Gearbest moved to Italy?

Everything on the new website is in Italian, however, the managers have transferred the main information from its old global website to the Italian website. Users can still log into their old Gearbest accounts which keep their entire history. This means that all transactions, complaints and messages remain intact but in Italian, which made international users raise an eyebrow.

This could be good news for users who had pending transactions with Gearbest. That said, we can’t be so sure that the company pays for complaints from the old English website. As for his affiliate website, it never went down and everything appears to be working fine.

Recall that Gearbest has “disappeared” without prior information to its many customers. Many of these had, in fact, pending transactions that the company has yet to deliver. Now that we have the Italian site has reappeared, the suspicion that something not exactly legal is going on is great, also in light of the fact that old customers are being systematically ignored by the company.

In short, the dispassionate advice is not to buy anything from the site, in order to avoid incurring other unpleasant interventions as happened to international users, since it could be a well-orchestrated scam.

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