Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, release date and video opening revealed

In the last few hours, Square Enix has finally confirmed the release date of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the first battle royale of the chapter

Final Fantasy VII has always been one game icon of the famous fantasy series, and has undergone numerous expansions and spin-offs both in the past years and in the latter period. In addition to these, there is also Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the first multiplayer title dedicated to the seventh episode, introduced to the public during the State of Play of Playstation last February and with a release date expected so far. for 2021. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a free-access, battle royale-style game set thirty years earlier of all the events that will occur in the original game.

The release date of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

After his appearance at the Square Enix event during the Tokyo Games Show 2021, in October he was given the opportunity to pre-register when accessing Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, while a precise indication of the day it would be launched had not yet been provided, if not only confirming the release for November. However, in the last few hours, Square has published the video opening of the game, also revealing the day it will be released.

We remind you that it is still possible to pre-register: by doing this every registered user will receive as a gift of in-game contents depending on the milestone reached, such as Chocobo eggs, Shinra Skins and much more. The game will be able to include a maximum of 75 players in its matches, who will fight each other until the last player left, using various types of weapons ranging from guns, to melee and magic, also adding the possibility of summon creatures like Ifrit and Bahamut. Final Fantasy VII: will be available starting November 17, on Android and iOS systems.

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