Has Kirby and the Lost Land been evaluated by the ESRB, launch date near?

Nintendo’s new title, Kirby and the Lost Land, could very soon receive a more specific launch date than the generic Spring 2022

In the last Nintendo Direct of September, among the great innovations presented, it was certainly talked about Kirby and the Lost Land, the new chapter dedicated to the famous pink ball capable of engulfing any existing object or enemy. It now appears that recently the stock has been rated by theESRB, a body that classifies video games to recommend a suitable age for a title. So that the specific launch date for Kirby and the Lost Land is coming? During the Direct it was revealed that the title would come in a generic Spring 2022, but now it is possible that we will soon know a precise date.

Kirby and the Lost Land: the official launch date is coming

After the last Direct, in which other important titles such as Splatoon 3 and the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3 were presented, Kirby and the Lost Land surprised to be an unexpected novelty, and on that occasion we discovered that the launch date would be was spring 2022. For the first time Kirby appears to be placed within a title that very reminiscent of Super Mario in 3D, like the recent Super Mario Odyssey, and from what has been seen in the first trailer, the new video game starring Nintendo’s pink mascot seems to have a similar style.

We know that Kirby will be on a mission to a mysterious land, which they appear to be ruins of our civilization taking a look at the places shown in the trailer, to save some creatures from the forces of evil. Kirby will be able to collect coins, solve puzzles and of course suck enemies for obtain the powers. The pink protagonist will in fact be able to use various skills and weapons, such as: swords, bombs and even laser pistols. There will obviously also be some challenging ones in the game boss battle. So we just have to wait for the reveal of the release date of the title on Nintendo Switch, currently remained at a generic Spring 2022.

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