Hasbro Pulse opens pre-orders for 2023 products

Hasbro Pulse apre i pre-order per i prodotti in arrivo nel 2023 thumbnail

Hasbro PulseHasbro’s e-commerce platform dedicated to collectors, active in Italy for a few weeks, inaugurated the month of October with theopening of the first pre-orders for 2023. All new products arriving over the next year can be pre-ordered directly through the platform.

Pre-orders for 2023 are active on Hasbro Pulse

Available to users, on Hasbro Pulse, there are many products to pre-order. Dungeons & Dragons themed, for example, it is possible to discover the action figures of the characters of the animated series of 1983 that return with a real revival. Then there is the Marvel Legends line, with new action figures dedicated to the iconic characters of the X-MEN.

Also noteworthy is the launch of the new line Indiana Jones The Adventure Series. Among the novelties there is also a range of products inspired by the new series Andor which enriches the universe of Star Wars. Hasbro will also celebrate the Return of the Jedi 40th birthday scheduled for next year with dedicated action figures.

hasbro pulse

All the details are available directly on Hasbro Pulse where it is already possible to proceed with the pre-order of the new products that will arrive on the market in the course of 2023. For collectors this is an unmissable opportunity to enrich their collection.