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Hasbro Selfie: make the action figure with your face!

Hasbro announced the characters from the Hasbro Selfie series, the result of a revolutionary effort to make large-scale custom figures

Hasbro announced the characters of the series Hasbro Selfie, the result of a revolutionary effort to use 3D printing to produce large-scale custom action figures. For the first time, fans will be able to scan their face with a smart device and receive a personalized action figure at home with the appearance similar to those of their own face.

This launch represents the culmination of years of investment in Formlabs stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technologyalong with a relentless push to bring fans closer to the worlds they love.

Hasbro Selfie: make the action figure with your face!

Hasbro has always been a company that puts technology first, adopting 3D printing technology way back in 1995 for rapid prototyping. The Hasbro development team sees technology as a way to give fans what they want, while keeping Hasbro at the forefront of offering toys for consumers. Patrick MarrSr. Director of Model Development at Hasbro, said:

We spend a lot of time with our customers, understanding what their needs are, what they are looking for. And then we go from there and develop a plan to create our new products. In the beginning we used 3D printers for product development [prototipazione] and we had some large industrial machines, but they didn’t always meet our needs. So we started looking for other ways to be able to service our customers faster and with the latest materials available on the market. When we first started working with Formlabs, we thought “wow, wouldn’t it be great to add micro-manufacturing to our product line during our regular development?” It was therefore an aspect that continued to remain in some corner of our mind.

To bring the characters from the Hasbro Selfie series to life, the team had to overcome several challenges: In implementing mass customization on this scale, there was no open road to follow. And personalization alone wasn’t enough. Making custom action figures at an unreasonable price was out of the question – the team needed high quality, affordability, and customization.

From scanning to shipping

Users can order a custom action figure easily thanks to the Hasbro Pulse app. They can in fact scan their face with a smartphone, choose a character and receive a sticker at home. Here’s how the process works:

  • The user downloads the Hasbro Pulse app, scans their face, selects their hair color and chooses their favorite figurine. The whole process is completed within the app.
  • The configuration created by the user is sent to the Hasbro factory and is automatically queued for creation.
  • The custom heads are assembled on the body of an action figure ready to use.
  • The customized action figure is sent to the customer.
  • What do you think? Will you also use Hasbro Selfie to create the action figure with your face? We, as always, remind you to follow our pages to stay up to date with the news regarding the world of collecting and more!

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