HATCHING – The shape of evil ready to scare everyone from 6 October in Italian cinemas

Rosy Talarico

HATCHING – The form of evil has finally arrived in Italian cinemas starting from today, 6 October

It had its world premiere in Official Selection at the Sundance Film Festival 2022 and now, it is finally in our cinemas.

This is the disturbing Finnish horror film HATCHING – The shape of evil, distributed by Adler Entertaiment, which from today has come to scare even us Italians.

Cast e regia

HATCHING – The Form of Evil represents the directorial debut of Finnish Hanna Bergholm.

The four cast members are Siiri Solalinna, Sophia Heikkilä, Jani Volanen, Reino Nordin and Oiva Ollila.

The plot

The plot centers on the young 12-year-old gymnast Tinja, who tries in every way to please her mother, a blogger obsessed with the image and the myth of the perfect family.

In fact, he continues to present the idyllic existence of their family on his fairly popular blog, Lovely Everyday Life, presenting it as a manicured suburban perfection.

HATCHING - The shape of evil ready to scare everyone from 6 October in Italian cinemas

One day, Tinja finds a wounded bird in the woods, so she collects and takes care of its egg until it hatches. What emerges from it is beyond all imagination.

The mysterious creature becomes Tinja’s best friend and living nightmare at the same time, plunging her into a twisted reality that her mother has always refused to see.

Symbology behind the images

It is interesting to note how the horror winds through the film. It becomes more and more human to symbolize how it is in reality the selfishness and falsehood represented by the transition to adulthood.

The tones are those of a black fairy tale and are appropriate to the nature of the story, at the same time magical and horrid, centered on the angelic Tinja, who finds herself, surprised and helpless, facing the problems of growth without a valid guide to help her. in this difficult transition.

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