HD Hyundai presents the Ocean Transformation at CES 2023

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LAS VEGAS – HD Hyundai (which until a few days ago was called Hyundai Heavy Industries Group) has led to CES 2023 lots of news, especially those focused on the project Ocean Transformation. The event at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas discussed how to explore and use the infinite potential of the marine ecosystem.

HD Hyundai presenta Ocean Transformation al CES 2023

This is the second participation of the HD Hyundai CES in Las Vegas, but it already marks an important success for the company. In fact, it conquered with its subsidiaries ben nove CES 2023 Innovation Awardsshowcasing the next generation of innovations in the field Green Energy e Mobility.

The Group has also set up a stand at CES show 2023 set up in four pillars, all dedicated to the ocean:

  • Ocean Mobility shows how the ships of the future can become more efficient and economical thanks to remotely controlled solutions. Featuring replicas of these futuristic vessels, the stand showcases ways to reduce environmental impact for a low-emissions future.
  • OceanWise unveils a management platform to optimize shipping. Like real smart ship solutions, which combine data from ships, transport companies and ports, to provide optimal routes.
  • Ocean Life to offer new activities at sea for autonomous navigation, with solutions that expand the livable space on the ocean, with technologies that also improve safety.
  • Ocean Energy instead it shows a sustainable energy ecosystem that ranges from the production of marine energy to transport, through floats and new technology thrusters.

L’Oceano protagonist at CES 2023

HD Hyundai CEO Kisun Chung explained to us that the frontier of the future occupies 70% of the planet: and the ocean, a resource with a largely unused potential. With the Ocean Transformation platform, the ocean will become capable of powering HD Hyundai’s smart ships and soon also the mainland. But also the center of the mobility of the future.

HD Hyundai showed how its smart fleet delivers the fuel of the future, such as thehydrogen and ammonia. And how is making this increasingly carbon free fleet: by 2030 it will be 30% electric. So not only will it bring clean fuel to the ocean, it will do so without polluting it. And it will do it intelligently, with software that automates navigation.

Automating trips not only helps reduce consumption, but also maintenance costs. For example, using a Digital Twin, it becomes possible to use predictive maintenance to cut costs.

Managing cargo fleets: economic and environmental savings

The manager of Hyundai Global Services, John Baeckhe explains that HD Hyundai it is also investing to revolutionize the management of maritime traffic with regard to cargo. In recent months, supply chain problems have made it difficult to buy the products we were looking for. Since 2019, HD Industries has been collecting data from many ships to optimize the journeys of freight fleets, to improve these essential transports.

ocean trasformation hd industries

Con ISS 2.0, il machine learning processes all vessel data in the world to optimize cargo journeys between ports. This not only improves trade, but also reduces vessel downtime and therefore their emissions. And with predictive maintenance solutions and visual control, the service Bones suggests when to stop for maintenance and supplies.

All this together forms OceanWisewhich will save you money up to $2.5 billion: which could become tens of billions in little time. All this by connecting ports, ships and all stakeholders in ocean voyages.

At the event of HD Hyundai al CES 2023 also intervenes Palantir, which explains how the software developed with HD Hyundai for construction is becoming useful in various fields, including the maritime one. Handling a huge amount of data, Palantir and HD Hyundai have built a truly powerful digital platform in OceanWise: maritime management of the future.

Safe and fun browsing

Autonomous technology also allows you to enjoy the sea. In Avikus has provided Hyundai with the technology to make it easy to monitor and control autonomous sailing from port to port: Neuboat. This will increase safety and decrease fuel use.

It also announces the premiere Leisure Platform to make life at sea easier. For example, if you are not fishing as much as you would like, Fish Finder will take you to the most fishy waters according to the data collected. And then you can find the perfect place to see a perfect sunset, or the area where it’s easier to get a tan. NeuBoat wants to use data to improve life at sea, making navigation smarter.

Ocean Energy, produce energy in the ocean and bring it to the mainland

Producing energy in the ocean breaks down the barriers we normally see on land. Hyundai’s goal then becomes the possibility of building a sustainable energy ecosystem in the ocean. Hi-Float allows you to position and keep wind turbines stable in the water, making them float in any sea condition. In this way, Hyundai allows energy clusters to be built in the ocean.

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In 2050, Hyundai aims to deliver 5000 TWh to the world, giving 7% of energy needs. This is also thanks to 1500 megawatt clusters: all with turbines in the ocean. But Hyundai explains that SMR nuclear reactors are safer and easier to deploy than land-based ones. In this way, the oceans will become centers of energy production.

And thanks to SOEC, the energy collected will be converted into hydrogen, which will then be transported by the H2 Carriers, Hyundai’s safe ships. In this way it becomes possible to reach the mainland and supply energy to different products. By 2050, the conversion rate will reach 85%: definitely better than fossil fuels.

At CES 2023, HD Hyundai showed us how the ocean is the new frontier of mobility, energy production and more. To finally get to exploit 100% of the potential of our country.