LG announces new ThinQ Up appliances at CES 2023

LG annuncia i nuovi elettrodomestici ThinQ Up al CES 2023 thumbnail

LAS VEGAS – LG Electronics announces the collection of LG ThinQ Up upgradeable appliances at CES 2023: refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens and dishwashers. Products capable of adapting to users’ needs and lifestyles, integrating new features and updates even after purchase.

LG ThinQ Up, appliances upgradable at CES 2023

Already marketed in South Korea, the LG ThinQ Up line will debut at March 2023 in the United States and then in the rest of the world.

The strength lies in the possibility of making personalized updates of your appliances, according to your needs. LG ThinQ Up offers customizable upgrades based on your needs. It evolves with you, gets smarter every day. It always looks new, it fits your lifestyle.

During the conference, the LG team explained some uses of this technology. For example, if you buy a pet you can download a PetCare program for your washing machines.

Furthermore, at CES 2023, LG showed us how four different families take advantage of LG ThinQ Up to adapt appliances to needs. The project Life on the Up planned to install ThinQ Up products to see how they meet the needs of various families. In fact, the video shown to us at CES in Las Vegas shows new families just formed and homes with several children, and all possible lifestyles: LG’s new appliances manage to adapt to all their needs, applying only the updates that are really needed to them.

New customizable features

Appliances that evolve with you, allowing you to carry out software updates and in the future also to implement hardware components easy to install.

For example the mode Laudry Saver of dryers keeps the drum spinning after the end of the cycle, to avoid creases and odors. Or Improved Nighttime Brightness Control dim the refrigerators if you want to snack at night.

All features are easily upgradeable through theapp gratuita LG ThinQ. To make your appliances perfect and tailor-made for you.