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Healthy and fresh environment with the new Electrolux portable air conditioners

With summer just around the corner, breathing fresh, clean air at home becomes a necessity, which we are not always able to satisfy. The new lines of portable air conditioners and purifiers Electrolux Comfort 600 and Pure Multi 700 conjugate energy efficiency and healthrespecting the environment.

Refresh and purify with Electrolux portable devices

The warm season is also this: pollens that continue to provide discomfort for allergy sufferers and rising temperatures that favor the proliferation of mites. With the arrival of summer, maintaining a healthy and fresh environment in our homes can become difficult, if not a real challenge. But installing an air conditioner in your home is an operation that requires time, money and space. That’s why rely on portable devicessuch as Electrolux devices.

Pure Multi 700 portable purifier

Comfort 600 and Pure Multi 700: performance and ease of use

With the new portable air conditioners and purifiers Comfort 600 e Pure Multi 700the Swedish brand wants to offer the maximum of home comfort, but without sacrificing practicality. Equipped with wheels and comfortable side handles, these devices can be easily transported from one room to another, with performances that have nothing to envy to traditional air conditioners.

The new five portable devices have in common the installation speed, which does not require any expensive intervention, saving time and money. All models are equipped with a 9,000 BTU cooling power and 3 fan speeds with adjustable vertical air deflector.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

The ecological feature of these devices is the R290 gas-based refrigeration, a resource capable of reducing global warming potential by 99.8%. In terms of energy efficiency, Electrolux has equipped the appliances with a kit finestra Premium, for optimal insulation of the fixtures. In this way, it is possible to save up to 28% more energy and enjoy an even more sustainable performance.

Electrolux Comfort 600 sleep mode

Sleep mode automatically adjusts degrees during the night, based on sleep stages and physiology change in body temperature. A healthy rest is assured, without exceeding consumption.

Electrolux portable air conditioners are also a low noise, which in the quietest model of the EXP26U759CW range reaches 60.3 dB(A). Quiet and continuity are guaranteed, with advantages even in the winter months. The EXP26U559HW and EXP26U339HW models are in fact also equipped with heating system.

Electrolux air conditioners in summer and winter

Goodbye viruses and allergens with HEPA technology

If you want to combine the benefits of a cool climate with those of a purified environmentthe ideal solution is a Pure Multi 700 purifier. An appliance that reveals itself indispensable in case of allergies and also very useful for ventilating the room during the summer months. Available in the modern nuance Urban Gray (EPU72571UG), or in the darker and more elegant version (EPU72771DG).

Thanks to the hood with oscillating deflectors adjustable according to 3 speeds, the Pure2Me system delivers a flow of fresh and clean air. TO neutralize viruses and bacteria HEPA technology takes care of it, which manages to filter up to 99.97% of airborne particles equal to 0.3 microns in size.

Comfort portable air conditioner

Electrolux portable air conditioners and purifiers: smart, efficient and eco-friendly

All the devices of the Comfort 600 and Pure Multi 700 lines are programmable with settings that can be adjusted according to your needs. For a smart and efficient experience anywhere, you can manage performance too remotely via the Electrolux App.

Electrolux portable air conditioners and purifiers prove to be practical, functional and eco-friendly, representing the ideal choice for many consumers who want contain bill costs and respect the environment.

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