Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

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Let’s find out together, in this dedicated guide, the complete trophy list of Street Fighter 6, the new iteration of the Capcom franchise arriving today on PC and consoles

The month of June is expected to be very hot. Fortunately, however, we are not talking about the climatic point of view, but that of videogame releases. If we only consider the major productions, thus excluding a large slice of the market, this month we will be able to get our hands on titles such as Diablo IV, Final Fantasy XVI and Street Fighter 6. The latter, for example, arrived just today on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X | S to give new life to a franchise born in the distant 1987. With the occasion we have decided to bring you here, on the pages of, the complete trophy list and its weird descriptions. Welcome, trophy hunters!

Before starting

The complete Street Fighter 6 trophy list consists of 44 total statuettes, of which 26 are bronze, 9 silver, 8 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. In this guide you will find, in special paragraphs, both the trophies of the base game and those added with the two DLCs available since launch. Considering the purely competitive nature, in this case we quietly avoid the spoiler alert and directly welcome you to this long journey between improbable descriptions. Someone was paid very well, I know. Let’s begin!

Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

The first part of the bronze trophies | Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

Let’s start the guide with the first half of the bronze statuettes:

  • Make a tough face!: Where is your face? Drag your butt to avatar creation and get your act together! Too bad you can’t change your bloody character too, while we’re at it.
  • This is the Battle Hub…: Oh yes. Welcome to the Battle Hub. I don’t know what you are looking for, but don’t compliment and enjoy. It’s why it was built, after all.
  • First meetings: Start by fighting in a match in the Battle Hub. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. What matters is that you accept the challenge of taking that first step.
  • A jungle of surprises: Have you ever heard of Extreme Battles? They’re a little different from normal fights, a little wilder. Try it and let your instincts guide you!
  • Become the avatar: In Avatar Battles, you can fight against other players using an avatar, your alter ego. Give it a try and enjoy what this type of fight has to offer you.
  • Admire the podium: If you want to live up to the one and only Jamie Siu, you better be on the start line right away. Give the Tournament a try!
  • Old school barrel: Did you know that you can play classic games in the Battle Hub Game Room? It is true! Cassettes and cartridges may be old… but they’re still one of a kind cool.
  • Classic ranked challenge: Have you ever tried the Ranked Challenge in the Arcade? Give it a go! It’s important to constantly challenge yourself, even when it comes to games.
  • The spell of battle: Having an audience changes everything… and turns a mere brawl into a thrilling show. Attend a Match Battle Hub and see the glory for yourself.
  • Combat analysis: While fighting, you must constantly analyze the situation. Witness an extreme Battle and hone your ability to predict and react to unpredictable moves.

Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

The second part of the bronze trophies | Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

We finish the bronze figurines with the second half:

  • Watching me charge too much!: Ah, there is nothing better than a fight, one on one, in the flesh! If you want to enjoy it too, go watch an Avatar Clash!
  • I welcome you to the heya: Apparently the Battle Hub has clubs you can join. Just like a heya for sumo! You should be a part of it! Oh, I wonder if they have chanko nabe…
  • Cheer must become your strength: Hrrah! Wrestling in front of a roaring crowd is an honor shared by all wrestlers! Come on, go ahead, try to get a “Like” too!
  • Pleased to meet you!: When I was an agent, I asked tons of questions. There’s a lot to learn from people just by talking to them – try having a chat in the Battle Hub.
  • Calculator analysis: Reviewing video replays is a great way to learn from past fights. Look at them with a calm and subjective eye, you will make incredible discoveries.
  • The title is mine, the life is mine: Have you already obtained any titles for your great deeds? I? Pfft. I don’t need it. I’m Jamie Siu, man!
  • Join the pack: A lone wolf is strong, but he’s even more menacing if he has a pack to back him up. So try to make friends!
  • Fashion leaders: Clothes are a means of expression. You know who never changes their clothes? The animals. Do yourself a favor. Change yourself.
  • Do you want to dance and let loose?: Have you tried to rock out at the DJ Booth in the Battle Hub yet, dude? Create your own beat and set the dance floor on fire!
  • On the big screen: Sit near the big monitor in the Battle Hub and you will see a lot of different things. Man… I was once on that screen, going wild.

Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

The Silver Trophies | Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

Let’s continue with the silver trophies:

  • There’s always time to train!: What do you think about 30 matches in the Battle Hub, do they intrigue you? If you’re not there yet, go ahead! If you want to become as strong as a sumo wrestler, don’t be shy about the dohyo!
  • Extreme training: If you don’t adapt, you won’t even last five seconds on the battlefield. Fight in 20 Extreme Battles – the perfect training to sharpen your judgment.
  • Brawl between avatars: Nothing gets me more excited than a brawl between real-life avatars! Come on, fight in 20 Avatar Battles!
  • Stainless determination: The determination to step into the ring and fight is what hardens your mind and muscles, making them steel! Participate in five Tournaments and find out for yourself!
  • You have to become famous! Uwo!: Uwo! My dream is to become famous and make mom proud! You should become a celebrity too! Try to get 200 likes, to get started!

Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

The Gold Trophies and the Platinum Trophy | Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

We come close to the end with the golden statuettes:

  • Re del ring: Are you starting to get used to the competition? Then aim to win 30 matches in the Battle Hub. You have to set goals if you want to get anywhere in life.
  • Victory over the peak: 20 victories in Extreme Battles. It’s a little walk in the park for you, isn’t it? Crush this challenge and then aim for even higher heights! Bahahah!
  • Inner struggle: An alternative form of combat with an alternative way to achieve victory. Win 20 Avatar Battles. But don’t fixate on results: let experience guide you.
  • Dominate like a ninja: Ninjas can jump entire flights of stairs at once, but when training you can’t skip any steps. Win ten Tournaments. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.
  • War veteran: Kung fu is the result of relentless training. If you do something many times, you will see results. It will happen to you too, when you have fought 100 times in the Battle Hub.
  • Spirit of encouragement: Having outside support is like having a spirit to help you. You can’t see it, but it gives you a lot of strength. Get 600 likes and you will feel the same way.

Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

Finally, let’s find out the title of the platinum trophy of Street Fighter 6:

  • The meaning of strength: After countless battles and titanic efforts, here you are. Is this the end of your quest for strength? The answer… is within you.

The World Tour DLC Trophies | Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

Below are the figurines of the DLC World Tour:

  • Abandon the nest: And basic training is over! You are a full-fledged wrestler chick. It’s all in your hands from here on out. Have fun! [Bronzo]
  • Sun, pizza and hadoken: I’ve had several odd jobs during my travels and they’ve all helped me with training. You should also work part-time during your World Tour. [Bronzo]
  • A master move: Is something blocking your way while strolling in the city? Here’s a simple solution: make it fly away with a master move! Mh-mh-mmmh… These are the pleasures of life. [Bronzo]
  • The end of the journey: Oh, you finished the World Tour, didn’t you? Then congratulations on my part are in order. I wish your journey was meaningful. [Argento]
  • The bond of teaching: Once you find someone to call a teacher, you’d do well to try to strengthen your bond. Increase your bond with one of your masters to 100. [Argento]
  • Peace in the neighborhood: You have to help those in need. I mean, it’s the secret to keeping the peace in the city. So go out there and complete 22 side missions, okay? [Oro]

The Fighting Ground DLC trophies | Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

  • Fight chick: Did you know that swallows can fly reaching 200 kilometers per hour? Well, they were swallows too, once upon a time. It’s just a matter of practice! Go to training mode! [Bronzo]
  • Code of wrestlers: Wow, did you see those things in the Character Guide? Cool! There’s loads of info on everyone’s fighting styles and moves. Oh yes, Bushinryu also has its place, of course. [Bronzo]
  • Take the initiative: Want to learn the basics of street fighting? Well, too bad, because I’m not in the mood to take on new students. Go see the tutorials. [Bronzo]
  • Practical training: You’ve heard of combo challenges before, haven’t you? It’s time to practice sequential attacks. I want you to complete 45. It will be a difficult mission, but I have a lot of faith in you. [Argento]
  • Stories of the Prodi: You really have to go to the Fighting Ground and finish the Arcade mode, man! It’s time to hear stories from your fellow fighters! [Argento]
  • The grand jeté of the 100 battles: Beat 100 online matches in the Fighting Ground. How, sorry? Too difficult? If you want to conquer the world, it’s the only way. [Oro]

Street Fighter 6: Full Trophy List Revealed!

Good fun!

And so here we are at the end of the complete weird trophy list created by Capcom for Street Fighter 6. Let us know if you have purchased the game below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on the gaming and tech theme ! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!