Heardle videogame: the wordle of game soundtracks

Un Wordle per indovinare le colonne sonore dei giochi: si chiama Videogame Heardle thumbnail

Wordle spin-offs continue to spring up like Super-Mario mushrooms. Today we are talking about a mix between Heardle, the game that allows you to guess songs, and High Score Day, which instead challenges you to recognize video games. The result is Videogame Heardle, in which users can play and guess the soundtracks of popular video games. Each day the challenge is updated, and players will have six attempts (with as many clues) to guess the right answer.

A Wordle with video game soundtracks

Created by Twitter user g0m on April 18, the game currently offers 150 songs and even a YouTube playlist that gathers all the right answers. To play Videogame Heardle just access the official website from the browser, with the riddle that is updated every 24 hours (just like Wordle).

For fans of the Sonic videogame world we also suggest Sonic Heardle, another spin-off that contains the music of the popular SEGA franchise. Other versions of Wordle that may interest you are:

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