Anonymous warns Elon Musk after Twitter acquisition

Anonymous avverte Elon Musk dopo l'acquisizione di Twitter thumbnail

After the acquisition of Twitter from Elon Muskeach user of the social network has his say: including the collective hacker Anonymous. In fact, the hackers commented on one of the immediate goals Musk wants to put into practice after buying the platform.

Anonymous warns Elon Musk after Twitter acquisition

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has put a lot of people on the alert. The shareholders of the social network because they will have to sell the shares to Musk, the employees of Twitter because they have to understand what the future of the platform will be like. But also many users who chirp on the social network they have their say on Twitter.

Musk said he wanted to “make Twitter better than ever with new features, rthe source of the open source algorithm to build trust, stop spam bots and authenticate all people. Twitter has enormous potential: I’m looking forward to working with the company and the user community to unlock it “.

Positions that many share. But non Anonymous.

Hackers, via the @YourAnonNews account, they let you know that authenticating accounts would not be compatible with their attention to anonymity. “DO NOT let us verify our identity like Facebook does, otherwise we will leave ”.

The collective has repeatedly tweeted about their own shots, we too have repeatedly used it as a source for the shots in its cyber war against Russia. But they have always done so by hiding behind the anonymity professed by their own name. Login account swould be impossible for the group.

Musk seems determined on this novelty but could change his mind given the number of anonymous accounts on the platform. There aren’t any on the table still technical proposals, we will probably not see them before the six months it takes to complete the acquisition. So there is time to find a solution. We will keep you posted.

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