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Hearthstone: the return of Naxxramas with the new patch!

Through a press release, Blizzard has unveiled the content of the new Hearthstone patch: among many things, the return of Naxxramas!

Between tournaments and dedicated events, Hearthstone continues to fascinate its audience and many novices with each new update. Via press release, Blizzard has unveiled the content of the new patch and prepares us for the return of Naxxramas. On February 14, patch 25.4 will be available, with the Rise of the Lich King, Return to Naxxramas 38-card mini-set, which includes powerful Legendary minions, seven new minions of two types and a Location card for the class of the Death Knight. Additionally, battles will reach a Mythic level in the latest update for Expendables.

The battle for Silvermoon gains momentum, as the terrifying necropolis of Naxxramas joins the Lich King’s Advance! The 38-card Mini-set features four unique Legendary minions, including Frost Queen Sindragosa, the first minion of the Death Knight with mixed Runes. Male and female players will be able to access the Construct Wing, a new location for the Death Knight class, and create synergies with seven brand new minions of two types. But fear not—there are plenty of cards out there to help the Blood Elves counteroffensive!

For Mercenaries mode comes six new Mercenaries and the Boss Assault game system, which marks the completion of this game mode. Male and female players can add six new Mercenaries to their party and challenge them to boss fights for Renown. The Boss Rush is refreshed every week, unlocking a new boss each day, giving players tons of opportunities to earn and spend Renown beyond the max level.

Hearthstone: The Return of the Naxxramas 8 Years Ago Trailer!

The expendables they will get a faction identity, with the arrival of minions of two types in the mode, which allows players to create synergies between Humans and Undead, between Celestials and Beasts, and much more. Additionally, many Mercenaries will earn faction flags to announce their choice to ally with the Scouts, Legion, Empire, Scourge, or Pirates. These new faction flags add to the Horde and Alliance labels, allowing for additional synergies with Skills, Equipment, and Treasures.

Finally, players and players will be able show their love for their adorable corgi friends with new cosmetic items! Darion leads the team of corgi enthusiasts with the Death Knight pack, while Nemsy shows off her Corgi mascot of hers in her Warlock pack. Both packs are available in the shop.

And that was all: Naxxramas returns to Hearthstone starting February 14th! Let us know if you are playing the Blizzard title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the gaming and tech themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!

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