Hera launches the ECOgames: games to teach separate waste collection

Hera lancia gli ECOgames: i giochi per insegnare la raccolta differenziata thumbnail

Hera has just released a series of video games, called ECOgames, specially designed to get us used to the practice of separate waste collection, having fun in the process. The games currently available are three and very different from each other and can be played for free on the institution’s official website. Let’s take a look at what this is exactly.

Hera launches the ECOgames: that’s what it’s all about

The first thing that catches the eye of the three games currently available is the aesthetic impact: we are faced with products with a deeply retro style, made in pixel art and specially designed to wink at the 80s fascinations, which are so much appreciated in this historical period. Here are the games available:

Memory Ambientale

It is not always easy to memorize useful information. But we can train, to do the recycling well! Test your memory: find the matching pair of rubbish and throw it in the correct bin.

Ecological Labyrinth

Finding the right path is essential to achieve an important goal, just like doing a quality separate collection. Challenge yourself to get each waste into the right container.

Falling waste

Each of us can do a lot to defend the environment, with practical, simple but important gestures. Train to improve the quality of separate waste collection and put any rubbish around you in its place.

The details

It will be possible to play in the territories where the Hera Group carries out environmental services: Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Ravenna, Cesena, Rimini, Trieste, Padua, Pesaro and Urbino. To add a touch of extra realism, the collection methods vary from city to city and for this reason the games take this into account and are diversified according to the territory.

For each province there is a territorial ranking. By climbing scores and rankings, players will pass from Apprentices to Informed, and then gradually become more Aware, so they will be able to define themselves as real Experts on how to do separate collection. Those who finish first in each ranking will receive a green award: a backpack containing a recycled cotton shopper, 1 sweatshirt, 1 t-shirt, basil or parsley seeds, a sunflower plant and a laminated sticker; there are prizes and gifts up to 10th place.