Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Free Weekend Starts Today

Ubisoft celebrates its 35th birthday with a free weekend for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which begins today

As part of the celebrations that Ubisoft has organized for his thirty-fifth birthday, the transalpine giant has also foreseen a move weekend free, after the one at the beginning of the year, for his lucky one Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which will start today, November 4, 2021. New players, who are not yet in possession of the title, will therefore be able to proceed with the download of the game, in the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC and Google Stadia versions. At the moment the preload is only available for personal computers, with the other platforms to be added shortly.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: al via il weekend gratis

The branded initiative Ubisoft will allow you to access the full base game, as well as the new Operation Motherland mission, plus all related associated rewards. Of course, if you decide to buy the full title at the end of the free period, you can keep and import all your progress made.

In Operation Motherland players will assist Karen Bowman and the Outcasts in freeing Auroa, all while facing a new faction that will do everything to stop the Ghosts from accomplishing their mission. All this will also introduce a new game mode.

Conquest Mode makes its comeback in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, with the presence of the Outcasts that will become more and more massive as the players advance in the conquest of Auroa, so as to increase the frequency of clashes between enemy factions. The mode in question will bring one of the most popular gameplay features ever, namely the Optical Camo, which will allow players to be invisible to enemies within a certain distance: the more the player advances in the game, the more the camouflage will be more and more effective. Once the feature is unlocked, it can be also used in Story Mode.

The free play weekend will also allow you to experience the improved progression system of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which will guarantee new objectives capable of guaranteeing a greater amount of XP. Furthermore, the level cap has also been revised, going from 30 to 99.

And you, will you try the title these days? Let us know in the comments section, as always here on, perhaps after having also taken a look at the offers on Instant Gaming.

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