Here are the possible tech trends to keep an eye on in 2023

Ecco i possibili trend tech da tenere d'occhio nel 2023 thumbnail

Il 2022 it gave us strong emotions regarding the world tech and we are certain that 2023 will not be outdone: for this reason we have thought of a few trend tech to absolutely have to keep an eye on during the course of the year.

I trend tech del 2023

As always, CES in Las Vegas was the most important showcase in the tech world to understand what the technological trends will be this year, but not only. So here’s a rundown of what could await us in 2023.

Artificial intelligence

As of December 2022, OpenAI confirmed that he has decided to invest in some companies focused on artificial intelligence, which should become even more central in the tech world in the near future.

In fact, 2023 could be the decisive year for artificial intelligences, becoming increasingly central in organizations. Especially in its simplest guise, i.e. the one with “drag-and-drop” interfaces, it will undergo such a diffusion as to create smarter products and devices than ever.

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In which sectors could we find it? Think of fashion apps that allow you to wear clothes virtually or future means of delivery for the retail trade.

But that’s not all, in the corporate sphere we are also starting to talk about “AI TRISM” (AI trust, risk and security management), i.e. a set of systems capable of managing the governance and security of artificial intelligence models. This is very important especially if we think that in the near future many of the decisions taken by companies will be based on the data provided by these particular intelligences. So it is very important not only to know them, but also to know how to manage them ethically.

From here it can be understood that if in 2022 we only had a taste of the potential of AI, in 2023 we could really start to see its fruits.


The metaverse was one of the topical topics of 2022, but it is undeniable that it has not met with the success desired by Mark Zuckerberg. However from a survey carried out by Accenture55% of respondents said they plan to become active users of the metaverse in the future.

Could 2023 be the decisive year to break through? Probably yes, as it has been estimated that by 2030 the metaverse will generate 5 trillion dollars and this year is preparing to be the forerunner for the direction that the project will follow from now to the next few years.

Analysts, among other things, have defined it as: “a combinatorial innovation composed of multiple themes and technological capabilities that will offer business opportunities, using new types of digital business assets and advanced models for the generation and exchange of value” .

However Meta has to watch its back: if it has recently published the Quest 2 to integrate physical reality with digital reality, in 2023 many companies are ready to put VR devices on the market to compete with those of Reality Labs on Meta.

Obviously a little competition never hurts, especially from a business perspective: the year that has just begun could lead to meetings related to meetings, brainstorming and production right in the metaverse.

Not for nothing Microsoft and NVIDIA are already working on platforms to be exploited in this sense, not to mention the development of avatars that users should be able to see as holograms.

Standard Matter

Who doesn’t dream of having smart devices for the home at hand, capable of communicating with each other? Thank you standard Matter in 2023 this wish will come true: large companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung have in fact collaborated for the creation of this universal standard to be integrated into devices for the so-called smart homeso that interoperability between the various devices is finally created.

But the news didn’t end there: Apple has declared that it will comply with the historic decision by the European Union to equip all smartphones and tablets with the same UBS-C type charging port. This step should already take place with the highly anticipated iPhone 15.

There are also streaming services, cyber security and bots

2023 will bring several new features also for the servizi streaming. Let’s think of Netflix, with a new subscription policy and the introduction of advertising to reduce costs or the imminent merger of HBO Max with Discovery +.

However, according to Accenture research, what the public wants is some sort of single window where they can enjoy the streaming services to which they are subscribed.

And who knows if the brand new TVs that will be presented at CES 2023 fail to satisfy this need!

Eyes also on cybersicurezza, which has always been somewhat underestimated by the so-called internet users. In fact, according to a Microsoft report, cyber attacks have increased in the last year and will tend to increase in the near future.

For this reason it is necessary to think of effective solutions, which can immediately bring benefits in the safety of people and companies.


2023 could be the year of robot: many companies, in fact, are focusing on the development of androids for domestic use and robots for industrial use, with similar human characteristics in appearance and practicality.

To be more specific, these robots will begin to be used as bartenders, concierges and to keep the elderly company. In the companies they will work side by side with employees in production and logistics.

The 2023 tech trends also include green and sustainable technologies

Have you ever thought that one day it will be possible modify the DNA of plants and flowers to no longer have to suffer from seasonal allergies? Or to increase the health of crops and cultivate them in the presence of potentially adverse climates?

Well, this particular detail appears among the tech trends of 2023 to keep an eye on genetic editingfeasible thanks to some nanotechnology produced for the occasion.

The year is certainly still long and who knows what else it will reserve for us, but summing up what has been said, 2023 is undoubtedly preparing to become the period of artificial intelligences, which will soon become an integral part of our lives not only in the form of software , but also of androids capable of helping us in our daily lives.