Ecco i brani della raccolta Pokémon 25: The Blue EP thumbnail

Here are the songs from the Pokémon 25: The Blue EP collection

Pokémon 25: The Blue EP is already available at the following link. It contains remixes made by very important artists, who have established themselves in the musical field receiving important awards such as the nominations to Grammy. With one of them, ZHU, a collaboration was also born in the field of clothing.

The songs in the collection are:

  • Vince Staples – Got ‘Em
  • Cyn – Wonderful Day
  • Mable – Take It Home

The artists, who as mentioned have been nominated for Grammy awards, are ZHU, Vince Staples, Before & Mabel. They also collaborated on the recent Red EP. For the uninitiated, an EP is a collection of music that stands out from the album in that it contains a few tracks, usually up to 4.

This project asserts itself as yet another show of strength by the brand di Pokémon, one of the most loved (and richest) in the world. From video games to trading cards, through comics, books and TV series, without forgetting the mass phenomenon Pokémon Go, the pocket monsters have certainly conquered the world.

Pokémon 25: not only the Blue EP, there is also the clothing

ZHU he has also worked for an exclusive range of merchandising. It’s about products streetwear with the characteristic logo of the artist and themes and characters of the brand. One Pokémon in particular plays a big role in this collection, and is ZHU’s favorite: it is Gengar.

If you are interested in receiving new updates on this, you can receive updates on the dedicated website. We hope that these kinds of projects, which combine video games, TV series etc and streetwear and music, will continue in the future.

It is about innovative marketing projects, effective and characterized by a great dose of creativity. If once being passionate about certain areas was considered by “losers” or “nerd”(Understood in a negative sense), nowadays, fortunately, things have changed radically.

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