Here comes Munro Mk_1, the electric pick-up dedicated to off-road

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Adventures aboard Munro Mk_1il pick-up electric dedicated tooff-roadpromise lots of fun.

Thus, the Munro Vehiclesa brand founded in 2019, re-proposes that concept of pure hard off-road but using electric traction.

Munro Mk_1, the electric pick up dedicated to off road, source official website

Munro Mk_1, l’off road a batteria

The Munro MK1, this is the name of the battery-powered offroad presented in Edinburgh. Availability is expected in the UK from 2023. Initially with five-door bodywork, hole 459 cmwith a wheelbase of 330 cm and a five-seater passenger compartment.

About the price, let’s start from £59,995To the change 70.000 euro. The production initial of 50 units. Then, followed by further 250 pieces in 2024. The first examples are built by hand.

The Munro Vehicles has a long-term goal to bring one back to Scotland car factory capable of producing 2,500 cars a year. In this way it will become the first manufacturer to produce cars in series in Scotland several years after the closure of the Peugeot-Talbot factory in Linwood, which took place in 1981.

Munro Mk 1, the electric off-road pick up, source official websiteMunro Mk 1, the electric off-road pick up, source official website

Munro Mk 1, the electric off-road pick up, source official websiteMunro Mk 1, the electric off-road pick up, source official website

Munro Mk 1, the electric off-road pick up, source official websiteMunro Mk 1, the electric pick up dedicated to off road, official website sourcev

Design and equipment

Presented in the Performance version with an eye-catching livery Munro yellow. L’Mk_1 Pick-Up combines rugged reliability and easy repairability with a full-time 4×4 mechanical drivetrain.

This offers uncompromising capability in all weather conditions and on all terrains. The rear floor, spacious and easy to load.

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This can accommodate a payload of 1050 kg. While the maximum braked towing capacity is 3,500 kg.

The pickup is powered From one 82.4 kWh battery which allows adriving range Of 306 km o up to 16 hours of use in off road. For 15 to 80% full on tap, it takes 36 minutes using a 100kW charger.

The words of the CEO of Munro

Russell Peterson, CEO and co-founder of Munro“ Priced at £49,995 excluding VAT and with deliveries starting later this year, we have already secured more than 200 orders for the Mk_1 Pick-Up.

With a two-year order book for both the Mk_1 Pick-Up and Mk_1 Truck, Munro must expedite his search for larger premises to meet customer demand. We launched the Munro to fill a significant gap in the market for an electric-powered, four-wheel drive utility work vehicle. Our vehicles are designed and engineered without compromise, starting with cleaning principles that are not hampered by any existing architecture. The result is a robust structure, built for decades of service and capable of offering maximum go-anywhere capability.”

Finally, there is also a less powerful 295 HP (220 kW) unit available, and the choice between the Utility and Range variants. Designed, engineered and built in Great Britain. Above all, Munro is the first vehicle to go into production in Scotland for over forty years and in 2024 the factory will move to a new purpose-built plant near Glasgow.

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