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Here comes Pubblie, the new social profile management software

public is a social media management software just arrived on the market. It is a web platform completely in Italian, designed for plan and publish content, handle moderation of the comments and to monitor the progress of the community.

What Pubblie does, the new social media management software

Pubblie is an Italian start-up, founded by two young Venetians who have decided to make technology and communication a work experience to launch on the market. This platform is one comprehensive and user-friendly tool for the simultaneous management of content on multiple social channels, which is aimed at both individual companies and agencies or social media managers with a multi-client portfolio.

Pubblie allows you to quickly and easily create, publish and program content, without neglecting the ability to customize style and images thanks to the integration with Canva and to a internal editor which has ad-hoc features. An example? Dividing an image into multiple parts to create a carousel.

Other functions

It is also very useful preview function on the editor, which allows a real view of how the posts will be published. Plus, Pubblie is meant for simplify the interaction with the work team and the final customer during the approval phases, as the system allows the sending of e-mails or the export of the pdf of the contents to be viewed, without forgetting a real-time notification service of the comments made.

“Having a background as a client who made use of web agencies for the social management of various projects – he commented Lorenzo Visentin, one of the founders of the platform – we perceived their needs to have an intuitive and high-performance platform available in Italian, which could help the social media manager in all phases, from content creation to customer interaction in all stages of approval and review, up to the final publication. Hence the idea of ​​developing a tool that would simplify all these steps”.

Pubblie is already available with diversified subscription plansin addition to totally tailor-made customization that varies according to the precise number of channels to manage and customers to follow.

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