Togg T10X: the first born-electric smart device produced and developed in Turkey

Togg T10X: il primo smart device born-electric prodotto e sviluppato in Turchia thumbnail

Togg is the Turkish technology brand for global mobility. Between March 16 and 27, it will invite domestic market users to apply to pre-order its first born-electric “smart device”, the T10X. Deliveries to Turkey will start at end of March 2023. Instead, distribution in some major Western European markets is planned over the next year.

Togg T10X, choice of two batteries

The model from 160 kW (218 CV) rear-wheel drive will be available from launch in V1 and V2 variants. Both trim levels will be available with a 52.4 kWh battery that provides a range of 314 km (WLTP). And also an energy consumption of 16.7 kWh/100 km.

The rear-wheel drive V2 model will also be available with a more capable 88.5 kWh battery. It is capable of achieving a range of 523 km (WLTP), with an energy consumption of 16.9 kWh/100 km. The T10X has a charging capacity of up to 150 kW. This allows users to charge the smallest battery from 20% to 80% in less than 30 minutes with a High Power Charger (HPC).

Togg T10X, high-tech standard for everyone

The T10X is characterized by a technology of infotainment powered by the latest platform Snapdragon Digital Cockpit. This offers users seamless and fully integrated connectivity through advanced graphics and multimedia experiences.

It also incorporates support for computer vision. It uses artificial intelligence to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos and other visual inputs. But also to take action or provide guidance based on that information. This infotainment solution is also smartbeing able to constantly adapt and learn from interactions to improve accuracy and predict future responses.

All models come standard with a 12-inch digital instrument cluster and a central 29-inch smart touchscreenin addition to one camera on-board that can be activated and controlled through voice command, allowing drivers to sprint selfie safely and upload them to connected social media platforms hands-free. Users will have access to one 4G Internet connection and WiFi hotspotwhich will help them stay connected while on the go.

L’app store online TruStore by Togg will offer a number of first-party and third-party applications to further enhance the user experience across the Trumore smart ecosystem, including the online navigation app Trumore Go by Toggwhich integrates frequently used services such as bars, grocery stores and e-commerce sites with direct payment via the built-in electronic wallet.

The voice assistant Noise it then allows the driver to control all infotainment functions using the voice, thanks to an AI engine that helps to communicate in a contextual way and allows for more conversational interactions.

The V2 models, those top of the rangeadd a number of features premium. The exterior styling is enhanced by 19-inch diamond-finished alloy wheels, matt gray roof rails and window profiles and front fog lights.

Absolute data privacy and driving safety with OTA updates

Togg T10X ensures that users’ personal data and smart device digital security are protected with blockchain technologyand has been designed to receive the highest level of review (5 stars) in all the tests of the Euro NCAP programme, the independent testing service which evaluates the safety of cars in the European market.

The T10X ofers a safe ride in all road conditions thanks to its sette airbag standard and advanced systems driving assistance that support its mechanical platform, designed to be durable and robust.

The T10X offers second-level autonomous driving with intelligent adaptive cruise control with functionality stop & go in combination with the system traffic sign detection, intelligent lane keeping system and lane departure warning.

For the first time in Turkey and for the first time in its class, the T10X will offer the technology of autonomous driving as a new feature allowing users to take their hands off the wheel in heavy traffic up to 15 km/h and proceed under the control of the T10X. This functionality will be activated in 2023 via OTA updates on smart devices with level V2 equipment and a special launch package.

An inspired design from East to West

The exterior and interior design of the T10X combines elements of “emotional” Eastern culture and “rational” Western culture and is the result of a collaborative effort between the Togg Design Studio and world-renowned design house Pininfarina.

Finished with a choice of “Colours of Turkey”

The options of varnishing exterior are inspired by the captivating natural beauty of Turkey.

  • Gemlik blue echoes the crystalline waters of the region where the Togg Technology Campus is located.
  • Anatolia reflects the vibrant friendliness and passion of the red lands of Anatolia.
  • Oltu recalls the captivating black of the homonymous stone, it is famous for its glossy texture and solid structure.
  • The natural gray Kula expresses the magnificence of the years of history of this area.
  • Cappadocia is a satin beige that recalls the earthy textures of the extraordinary natural wonders of this area of ​​Turkey.
  • Finally, Pamukkale celebrates the dazzling white limestone travertines this location is famous for.

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