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Here comes Renault Rafale the new SUV coupé

Here we are, it’s coming Renault Rafaleil hybrid coupe SUV named after a fighter jet.

As, Renault reveals the name of his future SUV coupé top of the range, RAFALE, intended to complete the family of models equipped with E-Tech hybrid engine and based on the CMF-CD platform. After Austral, the SUV has 5 seats, and Espace, the large 5 and 7-seater SUV. New RAFALE is positioned as a further flagship of the Renault range, reinforcing the offensive of Brand in the D segment.

Choosing this name draws inspiration from the glorious Renault’s aeronautical past. We have to go back to the beginning of the 20th century to understand what links Renault with aviation. At the time, Renault was a pioneer in the production of combustion engines for cars, but also for trains (railcars) and aircraft.

Renault, Rafale arrives, the hybrid coupé SUV named after a fighter jet, source press officeRenault, Rafale arrives, the hybrid coupé SUV named after a fighter jet, source press office

Renault Rafale the name of the past arrives in the present: history

In the 1933, Renault acquires the Caudron manufacturer creating the company Caudron-Renault. All planes are named after a wind, so in the 1934, the C460-airplane racing single-seater designed to break records- becomes RAFALE.

Today, Renault draws once again on its history, counting on the strengths of the legendary Caudron RAFALE to embody the high-end of the Brand. The semantics of the name, which refers to the wind, and the unveiled “masked” silhouette, immediately refer to the idea of ​​performance, audacity, emotion and personality.

New Renault RAFALE will have its world premiere at 54th International Exhibition dell’Le Bourget Aeronautics and Space on June 18th.

To discover the story with the complete explanation of the name: “RAFALE, a new wind is blowing on the top of the Renault range“.

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