Here comes the controller for iPhone 13 Pro to be 3D printed

Arriva il controller per iPhone 13 Pro da stampare in 3D thumbnail

These days Backbone Labs has been meticulously working on designing a controller per iPhone 13 Pro. The previous Backbone One, in fact, does not fit the new Apple smartphone due to the thicker camera. And while not unusable, the controller doesn’t ensure a flawless gaming experience. Precisely for this reason, the company has decided to optimize its design to adapt it to the new Pro and Pro Max models of the iPhone.

Controller for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max: the Backbone Labs solution

“We spent an enormous amount of time meticulously crafting every surface of Backbone One and even designing a universal holder for the iPhones available when it was released. Consequently, we are disappointed with this situation. Many people on the team have upgraded to 13 Pro Max for a better gaming experience, and while the fit may be acceptable to some users, it’s not as good as we’d like it to be. ” So wrote a spokesperson for Backbone Labs in a post published on Reddit.

controller per iPhone 13 Pro

So, to solve this problem, Backbone has designed an adapter intended to improve the experience with the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Unfortunately, the company is currently unable to produce new controllers due to supply constraints and COVID. -19. Therefore he chose to release the adapter as file stampabile 3D open source. And for all those who do not have a 3D printer available, the company intends to send the controller to anyone who contacts it – as far as possible -. The printable files should be published “in a few days”, and you may have the controller in your hands soon.