Here comes the new Range Rover Sport SV

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The new Range Rover Sport SV is the most powerful and dynamic Range Rover Sport ever. It combines supreme performance and dynamism.

The uniqueness

The unrivaled skills Range Rover are sophistication and reductive design. Its range of performance-focused technologies. Includes the most advanced suspension system in its class. A sensory audio system with wellness benefits.

Unique performance

The performance champion of the Modern Luxury is positioned at the top of a renewed range Range Rover Sport. It takes sportiness, dynamic capability and assertive presence to new levels.

And exclusive design aerodynamically enhanced. It offers a more assertive aesthetic and functional choices of lightweight and technical materials that reinforce its capabilities and high performance.

Equipped exclusively with a new 4.4-litre Twin-Turbo MHEV V8 petrol engine. This dispenses 635 CV and 750 Nm of torque – (60PS and 50Nm more than the previous generation Range Rover Sport SVR Supercharged 5.0-litre V8).

It is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. It offers a maximum speed of 290 km/h. CO2 emissions are also 15 percent lower than the previous model’s 575-hp V8.

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The philosophy

This outstanding performance is made possible by a combination of features that enable weight savings of up to 76kg. Including the world’s first 23-inch carbon fiber wheel option.

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I carbon ceramic brakes (an option available for the first time on a Range Rover) and aerodynamic enhancements as standard, including a carbon fiber bonnet.

By exemplifying Range Rover’s philosophy of Modern Luxury, the new Range Rover Sport SV is initially reserved for select customers globally.

Con specific SV EDITION ONE that represent a selection of the best combinations of features, colors and finishes.

Each model features unique branding on the front splitter, center console, treadplates and door sill lights.

Geraldine Ingham, Managing Director, Range Rover, ha dichiarato: “The new Range Rover Sport SV exemplifies the Range Rover philosophy, not only as a bold evolution from the previous Range Rover Sport SVR, but also in the personalized approach we are taking with our most discerning customers.”

Revolutionary dynamics

The 6D Dynamics suspension system of the new Range Rover Sport SV is the most sophisticated. In its class, with a combination of interconnected hydraulic shock absorbers.

Height adjustable air springs and pitch control. This revolutionary semi-active system.

This deletes the need for conventional anti-roll bars. Drastically reduces pitch and body roll to maintain body trim. Almost leveled during cornering and extreme acceleration, while also reducing weight. Hence increasing grip and offering more comfort and refinement.

With a ride between 10mm and 25mm lower than other Range Rover Sport models (depending on drive mode selected).

The 6D Dynamics suspension works perfectly with the chassis suite and advanced suspension systems. The unique SV-tuned settings are applied to the intelligent all-wheel drive.

To the four-wheel steering, to the T systemsorque Vectoring by Braking, Configurable Dynamics e Active Locking Rear Differential. To offer a more focused and sporty driving experience. Especially in the all-new driver-selectable SV mode.

The words of Nick Collins

Nick Collins, Executive Director, Vehicle Programmes, JLR, dichiara: “The new Range Rover Sport SV offers an optimal blend of premium performance, desirability, capability and unparalleled refinement. It is a powerfully emotional addition to the Range Rover Sport range, powerfully demonstrating the world-class expertise of our performance specialists.”

It also features specially developed chassis components. Including a new rear subframe.

New suspension links with revised geometry and compliance. The new electronically assisted steering rack has the fastest ratio. Than any Range Rover to date – for increased agility and improved feel.

Wider tyres

For the first time on a Range Rover, 305.20mm rear tires are fitted. Wider than the 285 fronts. This layout, with Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires as standard. Enables a dynamic setup with rear bias that improves grip, stability and traction. The increase in rear anti-roll stiffness also helps deliver immediate steering responses.

Demonstrating the combined benefits of these technologies. It is capable of generating lateral acceleration greater than 1.1 G.

On standard Michelin Pilot Sport All Season tyres. This represents a 22% increase over the previous generation.

It benefits from a specially developed high-performance braking system. Customers can choose between Dual-Cast braking technology. Standard mixed metal and optional carbon ceramic.

Range Rover Sport SV, press office source 3

Carbon ceramic brakes

Carbon Ceramic Brakes (CCB), available for the first time on a Range Rover, offer outstanding braking performance with improved heat resistance, longer life and 34kg reduction in unsprung weight compared to standard Dual-Cast brakes . This reduction in unsprung and rotating masses at every corner of the car translates into even more responsive handling, quicker acceleration and improved ride quality.

Whatever braking technology is specified, the unique eight-piston Brembo Octyma front calipers are the largest ever fitted to a Range Rover. Developed exclusively for the New Range Rover Sport SV and sculpted to complement its reductive design, the calipers incorporate a unique cross-shaped piston arrangement to maximize braking efficiency. Exclusive customizable caliper colors include Yellow, Red, Carbon Bronze and Black.

To further reduce mass, customers of the new Range Rover Sport SV can choose the first ultra-lightweight 23-inch carbon-fibre wheels fitted to a production vehicle. These innovative monobloc wheels save an average of 9 kg – for a total of 35.6 kg – compared to traditional 23-inch alloy wheels, resulting in improved performance, handling and ride quality. While incredibly lightweight, they are designed and tested to the highest standards of durability and strength – the same as Range Rover’s cast or forged alloy wheels.

Dynamic hardware

Maximizing the benefit of the new Range Rover Sport SV’s enhanced dynamic hardware, the driver can intensify the car’s sporting stance by pressing the new SV Mode button on the steering wheel. Going a step beyond Range Rover Sport’s existing Dynamic Mode, SV Mode optimizes steering, eight-speed automatic transmission, throttle response, exhaust sound and 6D Dynamics suspension to deliver the most dynamic experience and emotional as possible. SV Mode also enables the track-oriented TracDSC stability program to be activated, to allow drivers to more freely explore the dynamic balance of the New Range Rover Sport SV.

assertive design

The performance exterior design of the new Range Rover Sport SV includes a unique aerodynamically optimized front end, reprofiled lower body sides and functional quad tailpipes with carbon fiber tip for the active exhaust system as focal points to the rear. The carbon fiber detailing of the Range Rover lettering, front bumper blades, grille surround, bonnet louvres and side vents can be complemented with the exposed finish of the bonnet center section in Carbon Fiber. carbon fiber.

Prof. Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer, JLR said: “The clean, understated design of the new Range Rover Sport SV amplifies its striking proportions and sporting personality.”

Inside the cabin, the exclusive SV Performance seats with satin carbon fiber backrests feature integrated headrests, more sculpted cushions and illuminated SV logo on the seatbacks. A new interior is available in PU Ultrafabrics™, with lightweight, seamless, “3D Knit to Form” fabric. The transmission paddles with illuminated edges, the first in the world, are located behind a steering wheel with improved contouring for the thumb grip, while the black ceramic of the shifter on the console offers a sensation of freshness to the touch.

Sensory immersion

Further increasing the sense of connection, the New Range Rover Sport SV introduces the Body and Soul Seat (BASS), a multidimensional audio experience with wellness benefit that allows front seat occupants to physically perceive sound. This is the first production vehicle to incorporate a tactile audio system from industry leader SUBPAC – technology used by the world’s top artists and composers.

Range Rover Sport SV, press office source 2

Incorporating SUBPAC™ AI optimization software and haptic transducers aligned to the front seatbacks, Body and Soul Seat analyzes media in real time, generating audio vibrations…

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