Here comes the self-destructing USB stick

Arriva la chiavetta USB che si autodistrugge thumbnail

Russian society Rostec is testing one USB stick that self-destructs, in perfect Mission Impossible style. The portable memory looks like a simple stick in all respects. But it incorporates a detonator to eliminate any possibility of recovering the data.

First tests for the self-destructing USB stick

So sure that not even the most daring stunt of Tom Cruise can recover the digital data. Rostec is testing a USB stick meant to eliminate every chance to recover the data on the memory. Not using a super effective erasing algorithm, because a way to recover the data can always be found. Taking lessons from spy movies (or Inspector Gadget), memory destroys itself.

According to the company, there are no risks for the user at all. In fact, when the manual button for self-destruction is pressed, the detonator starts a cumulative charge in the battery incorporated in the key. Which completely fries i chip inside the device in 5 seconds, deleting all the data inside. But leaving completely intact the external envelope.

I mean, Mr. Bond, you can’t use it to blow Blofeld’s other eye.

At the moment the key is not on the market. Rostec is indeed testing the seu functionality. We also imagine that the explosive charge, albeit small in size, necessitates further testing before gaining approval. And we find it difficult for a device of this type to arrive on the European market.

Nonetheless, spies all over the world know who to call in order to get one ultra-secure USB stick. Not to mention that it could be used to make sure that no one will ever see your play from when you were in high school, or the embarrassing photos from when you were children. We ask for a friend, huh.