Sony launches the new update of Dreams

Sony launches the new update of Dreams

The Dreams update includes an all-new adventure to play and a new level creation system. Here’s what the update released by Sony provides.

Dreams: the update by Sony Interactive Entertainment arrives

Sony Interactive Entertainment is pleased to announce two new updates to Dreams, the exclusive PS4 developed by the award-winning Media Molecule studio where you can explore, experiment and play with your imagination.

The first update And Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, third-person experience created directly by Media Molecule. The update is designed for test the skills of the bravest adventurers. The new update of Dreams by Sony allows you to play against nice enemies, to find puzzles to stimulate reasoning. You can also fight a dragon with huge teeth (and an even bigger ego).

The content is available in single player or local co-op mode second big update concerns the creation: with DreamShapingIn fact, designing games has never been faster, easier and more fun. Thanks to a new interface it’s a new model system, DreamShaping it’s even more incredible. This helps creators with tools and directions to get started create 2D platformer, side scrolling shooter and mini golf games.