Here is the largest Xbox Series X in the world

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Michael Pick, a YouTuber known for making the world’s largest Nintendo Switch, struck again. These days, in fact, the creator has shared the launch video of his latest invention, a huge one Xbox Series X of the size of a refrigerator. Simply put, the largest Microsoft console in the world.

The world’s largest Xbox Series X is the size of a refrigerator

About 208cm tall and 104cm wide, the Xbox Series X made by Pick weighs approximately 113 kg – a little too much to easily move it from room to room -. A giant console, which the YouTuber created inspired by the old meme that compared it to a refrigerator. In the launch video, in fact, Pick clearly shows the process of making the console. First, she built a wooden exterior and then recreated a number of elements specific to the Xbox Series X, such as the rear connection ports.

The most difficult part, according to what Pick described, was the construction of the curved upper part of the console, built by 3D printing many small pieces to be assembled all together. A step that took well two weeks of work, and which proved crucial given that this detail “really helps this construction come to life even if no one will ever see the top”. But that is not all. You will be amazed to know that a normal and fully functional Xbox Series X is hidden inside the gigantic console.

Pressing a button on Pick’s construction sends a signal to an Arduino microcontroller, which starts a motor that pushes the power button on the Microsoft console. So Pick’s is not only a giant-scale reproduction of the Xbox, but also a really working device. Once the construction work is finished, then, the YouTuber left the artist ZHC took care of the painting. When the project was finished, he then donated the console to the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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