Canon is the cultural partner of Cortona On The Move 2022, the international photography festival

Canon è partner culturale di Cortona On The Move 2022, il festival internazionale di fotografia thumbnail

The 2022 edition of the festival Cortona On The Move sees the participation of Canon as partner culturale. Let’s find out more details about it together.

Canon Italia and Cortona On The Move

Canon supports Cortona On The Move, the international photography festival, with the aim of supporting the imaging heritage as one of the most powerful storytelling tools of the modern era. The workshops of the Canon Ambassadors Paolo Verzone and Massimo Sestini are also part of this perspective.

Me, Myself and Eye is the central theme of the 2022 edition of Cortona On The Move; theme that underlines the relationship between those who make a photograph and the gaze that turns to it.

The date

Dal July 14 to October 2, 2022, in the suggestive Tuscan setting, the extended exhibition will, as always, be set up between the streets, the historic buildings of the center up to the rooms of the Fortezza del Girifalco overlooking Cortona. The location will therefore also give you a breathtaking view. In 2022 these historic sites will be joined by “Stazione C”, an evocative location next to the railway station of Camucia, a hamlet of Cortona.

Furthermore, on 16 and 17 Julyil Canon Ambassador Paolo Verzone will be the protagonist of a course entitled Aurora borealis. It is a two-day event that will focus on an intense visual and conceptual analysis of the lighting applied to the portrait. But also of practical shooting exercises within a city location.

And then again, on the same days, the Canon Ambassador Massimo Sestini will give life to the course entitled Photographing the invisible. On this occasion, the participants will learn to look through photography at a reality they do not know, understanding that the photographic spot is able to fix moments that may be unthinkable to our sight.

The statements

“This new approach is in line with Canon’s objectives in terms of sustainability and reflects our brand’s desire to promote culture in the broadest sense of the term and, specifically, of photographic culture.” He explains Paolo Tedeschi Head of Communications and Sustainability of Canon Italy, who continues: “Cortona On The Move, as well as our Canon Student Program, is part of the training and support plans for younger generations to inspire them, through the celebration of photography and visual storytelling, in narrating history, social changes and the reality that surrounds them, making the most of the power and universal language of imaging “.

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