Here is the new design of OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

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OnePlus recently unveiled the new design and the new colors from OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, revealing how its designers managed to achieve such an elegant product. Let’s find out all the details of the new smartphone coming together.

The sleek design of OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G

With the new OnePlus Nord CE 2the company’s goal was to make the device capable of making the user experience premium, rapid e fluid accessible to multiple users. Its main mission is to create products that are not just beautiful to look at but also comfortable to hold.

For the Nord CE 2 5G, they have experimented further 20 design ideas It is completed four production cycles of provto. In this process, they fine-tuned the design details and selected two color variations, Bahama Blue e Gray Mirror. To create the shiny backthey constantly adjusted her consistency e roughness.

Eventually, they opted for a formula with the 7% haze and a roughness similar to ceramic.

In addition, using a one-piece molding process, the crystalline module of the island camera it naturally rises from the back of the phone in an elegant curve. The design of the Nord CE 2 5G camera fits the general aesthetic of this year’s OnePlus products, while theCD ring improves its imaging performance, highlighting attention to detail.

To make the CD ring on the camera module enough lightthe designers continued to fine-tune the details to get one metal-like texture.

Bold and eye-catching colors that stand out


When they launched the first North, the coloring Blue Marble it was actually an experiment. OnePlus had decided to proceed with something a little bolder and, fortunately, the result was appreciated by the public.

For this reason, when they chose the colors for the Nord CE 2 5G, they decided to continue keep that feeling. That’s why OnePlus has decided to reuse colors blu e Grey for its new smartphones.

Inspired by the ceramic materialboth colors are subjected to a low diffusion cosmetic process similar to that of its flagship devices (OnePlus 9 Pro – Morning Mist) to maintain a visual effect translucent on its back cover.

The coating multi-directional color gradient and the physical curves blend perfectly on the Bahama Blue, which makes it too more resistant to fingerprints. The high reflection, mirror finish coated on the Mirror Gray allows for a sense of futuristic and bold, with a signature North feel.

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