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Martha is Dead victim of censorship on PlayStation

Martha is Dead will be subject to censorship on PlayStation family consoles, resulting in the postponement of the already confirmed physical version

In spite of an imminent launch, given that the release is scheduled for the end of the month, after the postponement immediately in 2021 (following the announcement made the previous year), Marta is Dead continues to be at the center of some too many problems, with i LKA boys forced to face a case of censorship. On the net, in fact, the team has published a update related to PlayStation versions of their next psychological horror, which unfortunately will present some censored scenes. This fact will also result in the postponement of the already confirmed physical editions for the platforms in question.

Martha is Dead: PlayStation censorship and physical edition postponed

Confirmation of what happened comes directly fromthe studio’s official Twitter account, through a post with which the developers claim to have always been very explicit and transparent about the disturbing scenes and themes present in the game. Nevertheless they will find themselves forced to change the experience as regards the PS4 and PS5 versionsBesides remove some game elements. Nonetheless, even on Sony hardware the title will promptly be released on next 24 February (the day before Elden Ring), but only in digital format.

The fact that the PlayStation version of Martha is Dead will be censoredin fact, it will also have the consequence of seeing postponed physical versions for Sony consoles, the launch of which is postponed until a later date. Regarding the releases for PC e Xboxinstead, the team confirmed that the game will be launched in full version, without any changes being made. As for performance, the studio said it’s aiming for 4K / 30 FPS and 1080p / 60 FPS on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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