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Here is the right app to track consumption habits and save

Il savings on your bill goes through the best choices: a sustainable, intuitive, digital and transparent home energy operator is a start but also the daily habits are a decisive factor. Pulsee Electricity and GasAxpo Italia’s full digital brand for domestic energy which in just a few years has been able to satisfy the needs of thousands of consumers throughout Italy, innovates its app to offer an even smarter service and full of advantages.

Pulsee Luce e Gas offers a smarter service and helps in sustainable choices

The new ecosystem, integrated into the Pulsee mobile app, is called Pulsee Play and it is a feature designed not only to further simplify the management of your users, but also to easily measure consumption as well as your own approach to sustainable choices.

Just a few taps on your smartphone screen are enough to have an always updated situation of your electricity and gas consumption and at the same time learn to use less energy, obtaining benefits and rewards.

Pulsee Electricity and gas, here is the new Pulsee Play

The new Pulsee Play is divided into three sections: Energy meter, Rewards and Green Hero That they allow users to be informed and constantly engaged and active.

Energimetro: always know how much you consume

With the’Energimetro you have the possibility of inserting your household appliances and devices and constantly knowing how much and how you consume so you can intervene on their use and save money. By creating a profile of your home and detailing the characteristics of the devices you use at home, the Energimeter allows you to access fun challenges that help you accumulate Energy Pointsso as to increase the benefits obtained.

Setting goals to optimize your behavior will lead to concrete benefits if you have been more virtuous than the previous week and this will transform into concrete savings on your bill and lead to the accumulation of Energy Points.

Assistance is the prerogative of Elioan AI-based avatar that offers advice and tips on how to improve one’s consumption, generating concrete impacts on the reduction of CO2 produced and, consequently, on the amount on the bill.

Rewards for all Pulsee customers

The part Rewards, intended for all Pulsee customers, allows access to a catalog of discounts on a multitude of merchants. Furthermore, by subscribing to the Energimetro and Green Hero sections, i Energy Points accumulated and linked to their virtuous actions, they will allow the most loyal and active customers to earn more Energy Points and obtain vouchers and gift cards for purchases on many brands in the clothing, travel and large-scale retail sectors.

Pulsee has already integrated it into its app since 2023 the services of the Italian startup and B-Corp AWorld, a platform created with the aim of guiding and encouraging people to live in an increasingly sustainable way. Through a series of challenges to their daily habits, Pulsee customers can measure their impact on the planet and improve their carbon footprint.

Green Hero, for sustainable behaviors

Today, thanks to the section Green Hero di Pulsee Play Pulsee Luce e Gas’s education path towards sustainable behaviors evolves further: by self-declaring one’s virtuous and simple-to-implement behaviors such as turning off the lights, using eco programs, paying attention to the “standby” of our appliances and much more, yes they can obtain rewards and advantages.

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