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The distinctive traits of Daisuke Jigen, Lupine III’s best friend

Speed ​​and ballistic precision, however, are not the only traits that make the figure of Daisuke Jigen “immortal”.

Among the most successful cartoons of the 70s and 80s‘, capable of resisting the inevitable march of time and earning fans even among the new generations, undoubtedly deserves a special mention Lupin III, born from the fervent pencil of the mangaka Monkey Punch, who made it a comic loved in every corner of the world.

Well yes, that is the origin of a cartoon that is still produced today, which has become a “cult” for Japanese manga lovers and capable of garnering acclaim in every corner of the world, even if the Japanese mangaka took inspiration from a character from early 20th century French literature invented by Maurice Leblanc.

The speed and ballistic precision that made him the best gunslinger in the world

The character of Arsène Lupine, a gentleman thief determined but at the same time extremely ironic and joking, he was the main reason for the success of the manga, but certainly not the only one. The cartoon, in fact, is based on a compelling narrative thread and engaging, made even more interesting by the presence of some characters such as, for example, the legendary Daisuke Jigen.

Anyone who has seen even one episode of Lupine, in fact, will have noticed this character, who in the cartoon is the most trusted friend of the main protagonist, capable of playing a fundamental role in their raids around the world. A kind of right shoulder of Arsenio Lupine, who needs his presence so that his businesses can be successful.

Of course, the clever Arsène Lupine did not choose Jigen solely and exclusively for character affinities. He, in fact, was the ideal aide-de-camp, the best marksman in the world equipped with a great precision that can ideally be associated with the word “infallibility”: without his valuable contributionArsenio Lupine would hardly have accomplished some legendary feats, which remained in the collective memory of all lovers of this manga.

In addition to the extraordinary precision, Daisuke Jigen he was gifted with an extraordinary speed of execution which earned him the reputation of “the best gunslinger” in the world. A character, therefore, definitely loved by fans of Japanese mangafor some even more charismatic and interesting than Lupine III himself.

The cigarette folded in his mouth, the element that made Daisuke Jigen immortal

The speed and ballistic accuracy, however, they are not the only traits that make the figure of Daisuke Jigen “immortal”. There is no doubt, in fact, how he entered the collective memory to be perpetually drawn with a cigarette bent in mouth. A decidedly important distinctive element of the character, also famous for his love of dark liquor.

The passion for smoking, however, was the one most highlighted by Monkey Punch: we cannot remember any scenes in which he is depicted without the inevitable cigarette bent between his lips. And who knows how he would have conceived it Japanese manga artist nowadays, where classic cigarettes are giving way to other alternatives particularly loved by the new generations, such as disposable electronic cigarettes.

The reason why Daisuke used to keep a cigarette in his mouth is the same one that motivates smokers all over the world: to chill out. And given the tasks that he had to perform, the need to find some calm and composure was inevitable, in order to avoid committing lethal errors which would have led to the failure of Arsenio Lupin’s undertakings.

How iconic the figure of Jigen has become can easily be seen in the everyday life. In our country, in fact, it is customary to use the expression “Jigen-style” to associate a person who smokes a bent cigarette, even if the involuntary finding of the “blonde” in that particular position.

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